With the celebration and festivities around the corner, it is time for get-togethers with family and friends. In many households of India, it has almost become a tradition to rejoice among loved ones and gift each other with joy and happiness on their faces.

Many exclusive brands such as Myntra have the option of gift cards. Gift cards of Myntra can be bought online using your bank information or by scanning a UPI QR Code. Unfortunately, it can be used up several times until the money for the same gets exhausted.

There are plenty of reasons people buy gift cards, one being the lack of knowledge or choice to buy someone a gift. Gift Cards Give the user or recipient the liberty to pick a present of their selection. Another reason being, when the person lives far off or is staying overseas. Instead of sending a courier or package which is at risk of being lost or damaged, it is wiser to send them a gift card. But, the biggest reason for gift cards to become the talk of the town is the ease it offers in the time of restrictions on traveling, limiting the extended family reunions.

We are here to guide you on buying and sending gift cards of Myntra:-


  • STEP 2: Click on the drop-down menu in the Profile section at the top Right-Hand corner of the website screen.
  • STEP 3: In the given list, click on the gift card option third in the list.
  • STEP 4: By doing so, you are directed to another page, specially designed for you to design the gift card of your choice. The options range from Season Greetings to Anniversary celebrations to Bhai Dhooj to Birthdays and Farewells. There’s also a special option as an appreciation to someone under ‘My Idol.’
  • STEP 5: You can personalize and customize the gift card based on the occasion on the Myntra website, adding touch-ups and photos and special messages for the person collecting the present. It sure guarantees to bring a smile to their faces. And press on ‘NEXT’.
  • STEP 6: The website again gets relayed to the final stage of the process  ‘PAYMENT’ for which you’ll have to log in or sign-up to your account.
  • STEP 7: After completing the login, choose the amount in the gift card that you would like to offer as a present. Later, do add the recipient’s Email ID and mobile No.
  • STEP 8: Check on the conditions, basically the terms and agreements before checking out to pay using internet banking or cards or Paytm or Google Pay or any other scanning apps for UPI QR Code you could possibly use.
  • STEP 9: After completing the payment ensured safely, you are good to gift your nearest and dearest ones.
  • STEP 10: This is more of the conditions:
  1. Gift Cards can’t possibly be refunded or cancelled in any way.
  2. Check the Email ID of the person you’ve chosen to send the gift card, for it isn’t probable to change it after the payment is done.
  3. Credit cards can’t be used for payments made outside India.
  4. You can also choose to gift wrap it for Rs. 25.
  5. Discounts and coupons aren’t applicable on gift cards.
  6. And the external packaging of the gift cards from Myntra doesn’t include any other money-related numbers like discounts or pricing except the gift card’s value.

While some view these gift cards of Myntra as reckless, and the first choice for the lazy, they’re the perfect choice for indecisive buyers and picky recipients. Hope you buy and send your close relations with a good deal of gift cards of Myntra in this beautiful season of merriments!

By Anita Gale


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