Order picking trolley

There are some features of a trolley that are desirable. When you have these features you can ensure the maximum working efficiency of the trolley along with ensuring that the enhanced safety features are also in place to ensure the safest workplace for your laborers and workers working in the industry premises.

In this article we help you to know about some of the most desirable must have features in a trolley that you must not miss out on. Let’s begin…

Strong and sturdy design

Ensuring a strong and sturdy design is by far the most important parameter that you must have in an order picking trolley. Having a strong and sturdy design helps your trolley to work extensively without causing much damage to the trolley’s overall structure and design. The supporting bars and rods should have a structural integrity that provides strength to the overall design.

And guess what… it will also greatly enhance to increase the weight-loading and weight bearing capacities of the trolley.

Corrosion –resistant

Being corrosion-resistant is a must have feature of the trolley that you must have in your order picking trolley. Even if your trolleys are being used indoors the water vapor present in the atmosphere will lead to the gradual rusting and corrosion set up on the outer layer of the structure of the trolley.

This may further act to weaken the structural stability and increase the risk of an accident or a hazard in the industrial premises. It will also reduce its weight-bearing capacity.

Most of the times the trolleys being used extensively for outdoor purpose use only will have fabricated layers of thin chromium plating or electroplating layer on top of them to ensure that they are resistant to the forces of corrosion.

Pneumatic puncture-proof wheels

Having pneumatic puncture-proof wheels is a must have feature in case you are using your order picking trolley on different types of floors. Some of them might be rough or jagged. Having normal rubber tires is not an option as this might increase the risk of frequent punctures. What you need to do on the other hand is to ensure that pneumatic castor puncture-proof wheels are in place. These are made out of high grade vulcanized rubber that helps prevent punctures significantly.

Hand brakes

Wheels are indeed one of the most important parts of an Industrial Order Picking Trolleys that you cannot overlook and this is evident as one of its most important part that is the wheels. Buy a trolley that is equipped with a hand brake to ensure braking the trolley when it is stationary to prevent rolling across slightly inclined floors.

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