When it comes to jewelry, museums aren’t exactly the first place that you’d find yourself looking for a nice set of earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. However, you’d be surprised to discover that some museums like the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston have some pretty fashionable museum gift shop jewelry that you might want to own, especially if you consider yourself quite the art lover, enthusiast, and creator.

Not convinced? Well, you might change your mind once you see some of the interesting pieces that museum gift shop jewelry has to offer. Many of these pieces are historical reproductions from period-based jewelry, while others were inspired by some of the most prominent and exceptional artists in history.

Made for anyone and everyone, they’re also the perfect gift to give for special occasions, or a memento for the time you spent at the museum.

1. Van Gogh Irises Earrings
Practically everyone who is familiar with Vincent Van Gogh has probably heard about the time when he went through an episode of self-mutilation and hospitalization. Van Gogh is one artist who had to deal with a lot of struggles all throughout his life, that at one point he even chose to enter himself into an asylum.

It was during his time there that Van Gogh began painting irises. In the first letter that he sent to his brother, Theo, he related how painting irises and lilies had somehow provided him with feelings of hope. Because he was kept in the asylum, he was kept to merely its grounds and its garden. And it just so happened at the time that the irises were in bloom, giving him a subject for his paintings.

These Van Gogh Irises Earrings are a good commemoration to Van Gogh and his work, and may even help provide those same feelings of hope and gladness that he once felt while painting them.

2. Monet Water Lilies 3 Earrings
Monet’s Water Lilies series contains some of Monet’s most famous works. Created in the artist’s beloved flower garden in his home in Giverny, Monet produced about 250 oil paintings focused solely on his observations in the flower garden.

This fine set of earrings was inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies, taking on a more modern approach to Monet’s work. The wires are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for anyone, even those with more sensitive skin.

3. Pollock’s Ghosts Earrings
A major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, Jackson Pollock is known for his action painting, wherein he’d be pouring and splashing paint onto his canvases from various angles.

Looking like splashes of paint itself, this set of abstract earrings is inspired by Pollock’s dynamic painting style, and can serve as the perfect to any friends you have that are big fans of Pollock’s work.

4. Great Wave Earrings
One of the most celebrated Japanese woodblock print artists, Hokusai has influenced and inspired many artists that have come after him, including Van Gogh and Monet. Among his many works, The Great Wave off Kanagawa is considered one of his most popular. In celebration of that equally great motif, this set of earrings perfectly embodies that ebb and flow of the sea.

Find More Museum Gift Shop Jewelry
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has other equally interesting and lovely pieces of jewelry for sale online or in their gift shop. Many of their pieces are finely crafted and come in a wide range of materials and styles.

If you’re not particularly interested in these earrings that emulate some of these amazing artists, their shop has other historical reproductions that would still be perfect presents for any special occasion. To find out what else is available, click here to visit their website.

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