Relocating with a family is not the easiest decision, even more so if you are moving abroad. Your children have a full-fledged schedule – they have a school they go to, a set of friends, a routine and the familiarity surrounding it all. However, if you have decided to move abroad for better career options, your company may help you with the logistics of it all. However, your child’s education will still be your prime responsibility. 

Start by choosing an international baccalaureate school to ensure some sort of consistency with regard to the curriculum and education board. Life around your child will be changing drastically, so some sense of familiarity can ease the transformation. Here are a few ways you can prepare your child for international baccalaureate schools abroad: 

Choose the right school

When it comes to selecting the right school for your child, it all depends on more than just the school fees. High school fees needn’t necessarily mean the school is better. Instead, focus on the education you aim to provide your children in this new destination. International baccalaureate schools are your best bet if you want your kids to follow a curriculum that is similar to the one back home. The quality of your child’s education would definitely be better at an international baccalaureate school than it would be in local schools as there will be ex-pats from all over the world going there. The school fees may be on the higher side, but their curriculum, teacher pedigree and extracurricular activities will more than justify it. 

Please encourage your child to enrol themselves in extracurricular Activities.

The best thing about international schools is that they are not solely focused on academics and have a more holistic approach to imparting learning. Encourage your kids to be part of extracurricular activities, so they can get to meet new friends and build stronger bonds. Sports, music, theatre, art, and other extracurricular activities that are of the child’s interest will help them develop a liking for their new school. Their self-confidence would get enhanced in the process too. Ask your children to join multiple school clubs so they can develop interpersonal skills, create new friendships and overall be more confident. 

Spell out the benefits of studying in an international baccalaureate schools 

There are numerous benefits associated with studying abroad, especially in an international baccalaureate school. Sit with your child and brainstorm about everything they stand to gain from this experience. Is your child excited about moving to another country for a while? Do they plan to learn and master the local language? Do they see this as one step closer to their dream university? Are they excited about meeting children that represent different cultures and parts of the world? Discuss the benefits of being in international baccalaureate schools and address any concerns they may have about going there.

Set expectations with your child before they start school

Moving to countries is a huge step, no matter the age. It’s particularly life-changing for adolescents and children who are moving away from their comfort zone for the first time. You need to understand that they are leaving ‘life as they know it’ behind to start a new life with you. So, talk to them and prepare them for the kind of realities they can face. Please do whatever you can to help familiarise them with the concept of living in another country that has a whole new culture. An international baccalaureate school will definitely not be a significant change because of the similarity in the background of kids that go there, but prepare them and set expectations, so they don’t get a culture shock.

Communicate with Children Regularly 

To manage your child’s education abroad, you need to communicate with them. The more time you can spend with your child, the easier settling will be. Despite a busy schedule, take time to discuss their school day and new classmates with you. Actively show an interest in how things are going on at school and encourage them to discuss their problems with you. Try and find solutions to overcome those.

Plan a Party for the children 

Your child may have made a few friends within a few weeks of going to school. This is going to be your child’s social life for the next few years. Plan a housewarming party and let your child invite their friends and classmates. This is the ideal opportunity for a child to strengthen their friendships and build new ones. You will need to undertake the party planning and have little get togethers from time to time to ease your child’s process of settling in a new school abroad. 

With a little bit of preparation, your child will be well prepared to study in an international baccalaureate school. Do not undermine the importance of parental guidance through this stage of their life.

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