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Becoming pregnant is one of the most wonderful and happy moments in any woman’s life and gives her the joy of motherhood. However, not all women are able to conceive, as many times, due to unavoidable factors, a woman may have to undergo an abortion which may lead to the removal of the fetus or even expulsion of the fetus resulting in the termination of her pregnancy. The following are the different abortion methods used and advised by medical professionals today.

Abortion methods

There are mainly two methods by which an abortion can be performed. Both methods are quite safe in nature. However, the choice of method also depends on some factors like the age of the fetus, health conditions of the mother and also the complexities involved.

Abortion pills in Dubai online One of the most common and safest methods of performing an induced abortion is the consumption of pills that expel the fetus from the uterus. This type of abortion is used primarily for women who have had an unwanted pregnancy and do not wish to have a baby. However, this type of abortion can only be performed before the woman reaches the 12th week of pregnancy. In this case, Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE are prescribed to the woman, so the abortion is performed only at home. This method of abortion has a success rate of about 90%. Some of the most commonly used medications for this procedure are mifepristone and misoprostol.

– Surgical procedure – In the surgical procedure, the woman who is going to have an abortion is admitted to the hospital and undergoes a minor surgery. During this procedure, the fetus is removed from the uterus by suction-aspiration method if the pregnancy is less than 15 weeks. In this process, the fetus and placenta are aspirated with the help of a hand-held syringe. If the pregnancy is between 15 and 26 weeks, the techniques called “dilatation” and “evacuation” are used. In this case, the cervix is opened and emptied with the help of surgical instruments.

Please note

Whatever the method, it is always advisable to perform the abortion under the guidance of a doctor or gynecologist to ensure that no harm is caused to the mother during the abortion and that the abortion is performed safely.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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