The abaya is one of the most popular garments in modest fashion. However, fashion keeps evolving, and it is always essential to stay on trend. Many trendy abaya designs keep changing, making them difficult to find. Many Arab women have a wide range of abayas in their closets. Your goal should be to pick a trendy abaya that can be used daily and worn for any occasion to make a fashion statement.

Here is a look at some trendy abayas in your closet.

The Modern Coat Style Bisht

The modern coat is among the most popular abaya styles among modest fashionistas. It has been ranked among popular styles by Vogue. This style is more popular not only due to its modern touch but also because it exists in various designs and styles that make every piece unique.

You can find the abaya style in many forms, including flared and fitted silhouettes. This way, you will get to pick whatever style you would want. It gives a classy and modern look. The best part is it can be part of any season’s wardrobe. A heavy material for winter and light fabric will be great for summer.

Coat Collard Abaya

The coat collar abaya is a modern style, especially with professional people who do not like wearing coats or women who want to wear their abayas coat style during summer. This abaya is often loose fitting, and the fabric may vary depending on the weather and occasion. You can get the light and breathable summer fabric idea and a sturdier winter material.

You can easily style the coat abaya with chains or belts to help elevate your look. Most of these abayas come with matching accessories that should complete the look, but you can also choose however you want to style them.

Additionally, comfort is when it comes to abaya designs. You can wear the coat of collard abaya while lounging at home or handing your guests at home-based events. You can also style the abaya with your favourite pair of heels and moonlight hijab for the perfect look for a formal event.

The Lace Embellished Velvet Abaya

Velvet is one abaya fabric that exudes royalty and class. If you are looking for a trendy abaya for winter events, this modern style of abayas is the perfect look to help you boost your confidence without overselling your appearance. The abaya loosely fits and is super comfortable, giving you a flowy and flared look.

You can get a velvet abaya with different types of embroidery, but the best that goes with the laced embellished design is one that does not take away from the overall structure of the abaya. Since it is the perfect abaya for weddings, you can easily style it with your perfect pair of metallic heels and your favorite stoned jewelry. If you are wearing yours with a hijab, one with a hint of gold or silver will easily complement the velvet look, leaving you feeling elegant.

Button Down Abayas

Button-down abayas as the classic design in the trendy abaya fashion range. The abayas never go out of style, thanks to their accessibility. Button-down abayas come in different styles of fabric, including cotton. Georgette and denim. Denim is one of the teenagers’ most worn fabrics, giving the abaya a trending spin.

This abaya has also opened up different ways of wearing the classic abaya, with most women styling it as a jacket or kimono. It is designed to have a fitted structure to ensure it fits to be a relaxed fit. Pairing the button-down abaya with your favorite joggers and sneakers is the best way to style it.

The Butterfly Abayas

Many fully figured women do not like wearing abayas with the perfect fitted silhouettes. This does not mean that they are not spoilt for options when it comes to abaya designs. The butterfly abaya is perfect for both casual and corporate events. The design gives your body the beautiful structure it needs without compromising on your elegance.

Final Thoughts

The list sums up the modern style of abayas available at Al-Maryum that you do not want to miss out on. You can easily pick any depending on your body shape or preference. The best part is you can style the abayas however you want to make an elegant fashion statement.

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