Minimal make-up ideas to die for!

Hi, are you also done with wearing dozens of makeups every day just to feel good, or maybe you just want to look for new ideas? then this blog is exactly going to tell you astonishing minimal makeup ideas that you will love.

What is minimal make-up? By the word minimal you can understand that it is indicating towards little make-up instead of whole coverage. It includes reducing your make-up and make-up tools. It’s natural to desire to appear beautiful without using makeup on some days. Some of the most popular Instagram models apply minimal makeup to get glowing skin. Lauren Burch, in particular, looks super-hot and lovely with minimum makeup on. You will discover that wearing minimal makeup does not hide defects or weaknesses.

“Let your skin breath with a tap of enhancement”


Use of concealer

You must be wondering seeing this why do you need concealer if you are not going for a full makeup look. Well, let me tell you that people are using concealer without foundation base these days just to hide their pigmentations and dark spots. This will give you a very lightweight coverage just do not rub it in your skin too much a tap would be fine and do the magic. It’s the bare minimum but impactful.


Enhance your one or two feature

Enhancing one feature in your whole face or maybe two will give your face extra charm than usual. People are attracted towards natural face 4x more than we are towards ourselves, with our cheek or lip tinted or maybe eyes or lips or it could anyone as you like will achieve the high-impact look.


Drop your make-up tools

While minimizing your makeup is a part of minimal makeup look, ditching the makeup tools is also one of them. You can use your fingers instead, after all, all you just need is a little bit of tap-tap. Plus, you will not have sponges and brushes to wash again and again.


That one color!

Color does not have to be avoided when wearing little makeup. Quite the contrary! How many books have you seen that feature-rich shadows or detailed eyeliner patterns while being minimal? It’s because they only employ one color: Select one color if you want to be vivid, just like Lauren Burch you should choose one point to emphasize.


Be all DIY

It means start using products for multipurpose so you can reduce the number of products in your makeup. Try using lipstick for your minimal eyeshadow or cheeks. Plus, dozens of influencers upload videos where they show using anyone’s product for the whole face.


Look perfect with imperfection

The main goal of minimal makeup look is to go for a look bit undone and still look flawless. It is not like you are going for concealer, then base with contour n all you just have to tap colors on a few points and it should not take more than 5 – 10 minutes.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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