micro-fulfillment centers

After the outbreak of coronavirus and lockdowns imposed, customers have shifted to online shopping, paving the way for increased delivery services. 

The growth of eCommerce businesses depends on continuous transformation. The increase in demand requires better supply chain management, making the need for micro-fulfillment centers obligatory. Here the question arises what is micro fulfillment, what are micro fulfillment centers, and why do we need these centers:

Let’s begin with the first question:

What is micro fulfillment?

The practice of locating compact, frequently fully automated warehouse facilities close to the final consumer in easily accessible, crowded metropolitan areas is known as micro-fulfillment.

The same-day delivery that today’s consumers need is something that internet shops go above and above to provide. Micro-fulfillment technology meets both needs by giving customers quick service and increasing business profits.

With the efficiency of big warehouses and automation technology, the micro-fulfillment method seeks to increase the pace of local, in-store pickups.

Let us move to other questions: 

What are micro fulfillment centers(MFC)?

The main job of micro fulfillment centers is to handle the necessities of small geographic areas, and that too in a limited time period. The centers are located in the customers’ neighborhood, reducing the delivery time. Even they distribute products to smaller retailers or e-commerce businesses. 

Since the advent of technology, machines and robots are also used to manage orders and supply of goods. 

The need for micro fulfillment centers

Boosting speed and efficiency

Speed and efficiency are the important factors that decide the delivery of the product. Taking limited time, 2 hours delivery is the minimum time an MFC takes since it is necessary to meet customer expectations for fast delivery. MFCs are designed to handle small, individual orders and are typically located in urban areas. 

Multiple orders are sometimes consolidated into one delivery to maintain speed and efficiency. This minimizes the delivery time and the number of trips to fulfill the orders. 

In addition, MFCs may use real-time tracking systems to monitor the progress of orders through the fulfillment process. This help identifies any bottlenecks or delays and allows them to be addressed quickly.


Sustainability is important for many retailers, and micro fulfillment centers (MFCs) can help retailers reduce their environmental impact. 

Basically, MFCs are typically located in urban areas, meaning they are closer to their customers. This reduces the distance that orders have to travel, which can help to reduce transportation emissions. 

Moreover, MFCs use eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce waste and improve sustainability. Similarly, energy-efficient lighting and heating/cooling systems are implemented in their energy consumption and carbon emissions. The use of automation technologies such as conveyor belts and robots to speed up the fulfillment process. Reduce the use of energy and other resources.


The delivery time is another important aspect of the requirement of MFCs. However, fulfillment centers provide customers with fast and convenient delivery options. This is because MFCs are typically smaller in scale and are located closer to customers, which can reduce shipping costs. Being closer to the consumers, the delivery is made quickly and efficiently. 

Fast and convenient delivery options can help improve the customer experience and drive customer loyalty and repeat business. MFCs can help retailers offer these types of delivery options to their customers.


MFCs have many advantages that ultimately benefit the end consumers. The MFCs have provided their worth time and again, whether in terms of environmental protection or by reducing the delivery time. 

Delivering perishable items and goods of greater importance on time is a difficult task, but MFCs have achieved this hard very efficiently and effectively. Proving the micro fulfillment centers have umpteen scope in the near future. 

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