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Podiatrists have a huge role to play in the overall care of the foot, ankle, and surrounding areas. However, the attention to detail that podiatrists offer in this regard can sometimes prove to be a challenge. This happens when they are running a practice, and cannot equally divide attention between what the practice needs, and what the patients need.

Therefore, the presence of software can make a huge difference to a podiatrist. It helps alleviate some of the stress they face. This is where the importance of Sammy EHR comes into play. This is software that can be utilized by practices to improve their efficiency and to lessen their workload in the future

In this article, we will be reviewing the common issues that podiatrists face today and the way that Sammy EHR can intervene and change things around. After all, the use of this software can help reduce the overall effect of such challenges. So, to learn more about this software, and its real-life application to the world of podiatry, keep reading this article!

About Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR is a podiatry electronic health records tool that has been in businesses for about three decades. The software includes everything podiatrists need to manage their everyday influx of patients. It also comes with the tools to make practices profitable, offering tools such as claim and revenue cycle management.

Sammy was created as a tool for small and medium-level practices. This means it is a good option for smaller enterprises that are attempting to find alternative means to juggle their workload. It has the ability to be flexible customizable, and manageable in podiatry settings. The software can even adapt to your workflow and help you get tasks done faster.

Common Issues Faced By Podiatrists

There are a lot of issues that podiatrists face in their day-to-day work. There are often not enough solutions available to these in generic EHR options. However, with Sammy EHR, these issues can be averted. Let’s look at these common challenges in detail and consider how Sammy EHR can assist practices as they manage their work.

Slow Or Delayed Documentation

Using EHR that doesn’t prioritize documentation can be a huge issue. After all, it is almost entirely the purpose to enter documentation in at the right time for an EHR to be operating well. Luckily, Sammy EHR has its own recognition tools that allow you to enter data. Aside from this, the software is also incredibly quick and easy to add information to.

Not Having The Right Templates

One of the biggest challenges that podiatrists face when using software is the lack of accessible podiatry templates. They need the right templates so they can collect all the necessary documentation for patient records. However, Sammy comes with its own set of templates all geared towards podiatry to lessen the effect of this challenge.

Software That Can’t Understand Codes

It can be incredibly frustrating when using software that doesn’t understand exactly what codes you need. This is because, for claim management, you need the right code for your specific specialty area to get claims accepted. However, with Sammy EHR, you can choose the right codes as the software is built to understand podiatry needs.

Lost Opportunities For Revenue Collection

Small practices can sometimes lose a lot of money because they don’t have the right infrastructure. Bigger facilities tend to use teams that can collect revenue for them and help them manage outstanding bills. Sammy works as an intermediary in this process and acts as a billing team at a fraction of the cost.

Inability to Effectively Engage Patients

When it comes to podiatry, there is a need to engage patients just the same as any other practice. However, choosing to do so can take attention away from patients. Luckily, EHR like Sammy helps you do both at the same time. The software takes patient needs into consideration when creating strategies for the practice to grow.

Sammy EHR Pricing

When it comes to the Sammy EHR pricing plans, there are a lot of factors that can impact the final quote you get. For example, you might want to think about the total users you want to be involved in the software. All you need to do to get this quote is to send over these stats to the vendor, and they will create a customized quote for the software just for you.

Sammy EHR Reviews

The Sammy EHR is a software just for podiatrists, and so all of the reviews are by podiatrists who have used the software. It has an overall solid rating and most reviews found it to be helpful. One of the main advantages mentioned is the fact that it is a specific software with all of the right templates. It also has an excellent claim management system available.

If you read through Sammy EHR reviews, the only downside of using this software that is mentioned is that it may have less diversity in terms of templates. However, this is only a natural consequence of being software developed specifically for podiatry practices.

Sammy EHR Demo

If you are interested in seeing all of the features of Sammy, the Sammy EHR demo is the way to go. This is a sort of tour of the software in a virtual platform. The demo is the first step so you can see all that is included in the software. It also offers you the opportunity to have any questions answered by the expert on board.

Final Note

Using Sammy EHR, your practice has the tools it needs to overcome the challenges that podiatrists must face. This can prove to be a powerful asset in a time when the healthcare industry is already under stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no doubt that healthcare professionals need all support on their side at this time.

If you are curious about this software, we recommend that you do all of the relevant research. As pointed above, the use of reviews, demo and price inquiries can help you figure out whether Sammy EHR is the right choice for you.

By Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is a Health Specialist and a professional writer who writes on Medical Software. She Specializes in EMR and EHR Software.

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