Pregnancy Massage

Women worldwide adore spa days, and a body massage is frequently one of the highlights. Massages are not only an excellent way to spend your time, but they may also ease stress, discomfort, and muscular strain.

Despite all these well-known advantages, many pregnant women do not consider using the therapeutic effects of a body massage to ease their aches and pains. Is it secure? It’s cozy, right? When receiving a massage, you typically lie on your stomach. How does that even work? Women have a few queries about pregnancy massage that prevent them from learning more.

Like a regular massage, a pregnant massage involves a professional massage therapist applying pressure to your muscles. The objectives of pain alleviation and relaxation are also the same, and they might even be more crucial during a potentially stressful period like pregnancy.

Tips For Enjoying a Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy massage therapy has a number of proven benefits, including improved sleep, enhanced relaxation, and a sense of wellness.

However, specific behaviors and physical trigger points may cause contractions and early labor, so it’s imperative to get professional help. The following forms of massage therapy are available to pregnant women:

  • A deep-tissue massage that uses strong strokes to squeeze the muscles
  • Swedish massage focuses on joint mobility and lengthy muscular strokes
  • Shiatsu stimulates the body’s natural energy by applying pressure and tapping on specific acupressure sites.

Following are some recommendations given below. If you take these suggestions or tips into account, you ought to be able to take pleasure in your pregnant massage therapy.

Avoid Compressing Your Belly

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind while getting a massage is safeguarding your infant physically. Any areas of your body where your uterus might be compressed shouldn’t be massaged by your healthcare practitioner. Additionally, you should try to avoid lying on your stomach if at all possible. It might be beneficial to use a massage table with a pregnancy-specific cutout or a doughnut pillow. Also, must be avoided, especially in the third trimester, is lying on your back. This could put pressure on the vena cava, an artery that supplies your fetus with blood.

Consider Waiting Until Your Second Trimester

Although you are theoretically allowed to start receiving messages at any time throughout your pregnancy, most licensed massage therapists would advise you to wait until your second trimester. This is due to the first trimester’s increased chance of miscarriage. Although miscarriages and massages have not been linked scientifically, some experts are concerned about the increased blood flow and possible induction of labor due to sensitive areas of the body.

Search For a Licensed Massage Therapist

The wide range of training and certification options for massage therapists is one of the main issues doctors have with prenatal massage. Because state rules vary, not every massage shop you visit will be qualified to treat pregnant women. There are no national criteria for certification for massage therapists, but you can always ask anyone you meet if they have had prenatal massage training.

Avoid Strong Essential Oils

Some massage therapists will improve your massage by adding essential oils. Lavender and chamomile are two examples of safe essential oils. These aromas are calming and promote rest. However, some oils stimulate uterine contractions, resulting in full-fledged labor contractions. During pregnancy, your skin is likely to go through many changes, and you are unsure how your skin will respond. If you’re uncertain about the safety of essential oils, you can also ask your massage therapist not to use any on you. A massage should be a way to unwind, not just another thing to worry about!

Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?

Given the intense pressure and the fact that you will lie on your stomach, we can understand why you would hesitant about a pregnancy massage. The safety of the child developing inside of you is your top priority if you are pregnant.

Most pregnant women considered safe to receive massages, though you should observe some basic safety precautions. According to studies, women who receive prenatal massages report fewer episodes of melancholy, anxiety, leg and back pain, and shorter and less painful labors.

These advantages are too valuable to pass up and might offer solace to suffering mothers. However, it’s crucial to consult your doctor before starting any alternative medical procedures. Visit your doctor and tell them about your plans, regardless of whether you like the thought of pregnant massages or you still have reservations.

In A Nutshell

Pregnancy massages are safe and provide many advantages. Massage lowers anxiety, which helps with sleeping. It may even lessen your chance of having a premature baby. Your uterus shouldn’t ever compress during a massage. It would best to inform your massage therapist what you expect so they can modify their treatments.

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