The truth is mums rule the world. Why? Well, mums control more than 85% of household purchases. They have a huge spending power that most businesses seem not to recognize. If you have a business, brand or product that appeals to mums, you must learn how to get their attention to buy from you. In this post, we will explore various tips and tactics to help you double down on your mum-marketing strategies. Here are our favourite practices when marketing and getting the attention of mums.

Understand The Differences In Generations

We are not talking about the Gen Xers of the baby boomers. This is all about the differences in marketing to millennials and Generation Z. The older Gen Z, born in 1996 and 1997, are now hitting their mid-twenties and starting their families.

A successful mum-marketing strategy has a well-defined plan to reach Generation Z mums and millennials. So what are the significant differences to keep in mind:

Generation Z

  • Tech-savvy
  • They are more focused on saving money
  • They often engage with brands that feel more authentic
  • They prefer Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat


  • They engage with brands they share values with
  • They prefer experiences over the products
  • They are the mobile pioneers
  • They prefer Instagram and Facebook

Engage-Don’t Sell

Mums do not need to be sold to. They do not need any pandering or reassurance of how their product is easy to use or how it will be the start of their home. They are attracted to brands that they engage with them authentically.

When marketing to them, you must be honest with them and let them know the benefits of the products. Additionally, you must provide helpful advice and show how the product will be useful to a busy mum. Do not use any marketing jargon or any fancy ingredient. Use authenticity and empathy to build an emotional connection between your brand and the mums.

Forget The 9-To-5 Mentality

Selling a brand to mums means thinking beyond the 9-to-5 mentality. Mums have a full-time gig taking care of their kids. Whether it’s feeding a baby at 1 am or Saturday morning errands, you must be ready to market your products at their schedule, not yours.

This means you create a marketing plan that is more inclined to the use of their phone. Most mums do not have the time to sit at their desktops for hours at a time. Make sure you test the time to run the ads and create audio ads they can listen to while doing other things around the home or running errands. You can take advantage of the radio or digital platforms like Spotify.

Create Content That Provides Value

While branded storytelling and fun marketing videos have their place when marketing to mums, they shouldn’t be the only content you have for your brands. Instead, create content that provides value before and after purchase. If you are selling a product that is not easy to use, ensure you have training videos on how to use the product and show the benefits of using the service or product.

Inject Some Humor

You do not always have to be very serious when marketing your product. Look for different ways to inject humor into your social media content. This will provide mums with much-needed breaks from their mundane routines, and it also helps your brand to feel more relatable and authentic.

Social Media Marketing Is King

It’s 2023, so your brand is on social media. However,  are you using Facebook and Instagram to the fullest of their extent? Have you built a devoted fan base eagerly waiting to support your mission and brand, or are you busy shouting to your followers about your newest products?

Consider improving your social media content by creating engaging video content, using user-generated content and sharing discounts or coupons.

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