This high-speed connection is within the service’s limited 5G wireless configuration. A May 2020 article in Fierce Wireless states that customers can expect 30% faster downloads with 5G than with 4G LTE – up to 100 Mbps. In addition, tests from Crag in Rhode Island in 2019 showed a maximum download speed of 93 Mbps, the same article reported.

Network available

One of the biggest problems with using a wireless network to carry video packets from cameras at sporting events and large gatherings such as political meetings is the lack of a sufficient network.

Contractual agreements between teams and broadcasters aside, with a lot of advertising money at stake, there is no room for not receiving and managing the wireless connection used for cameras. But with tens of thousands of people playing sulfites and posting on Facebook, getting the right wireless connection and service can be difficult.

For many years, solutions have been used to display videos.

The production team is guaranteed to get the wireless bandwidth they need for their contribution to IP cameras. Among the most popular are vendors who set up hotspots at these events. NBA producers and other 스포츠중계  conduct discussions with service providers before games or meetings in anticipation of a heavy network connection to ensure that they have the necessary connection and bandwidth.

Network in the 5G world promises to solve the problem

Start by dividing a connection in a network into several virtual connections that are assigned to specific purposes, such as broadcasting cameras.

The network will cut off some of the 5G network dedicated to this app ​​​​​​​​​so that the average camera will not have to compete for network resources with fans posting on Instagram.

There are many plans to cover all the big games

The plan will ensure that all the necessary bandwidth for the backhaul for live video, wireless microphones, IFBs, intercom and a nationwide distribution teleport in place and users of this spectrum do not affect each other.

Over the years, this effort has become more difficult as many new distribution systems have removed certain wireless devices from long-standing functions in order to meet this priority. new and make room for new services.

An additional complication in some cases is that frequency coordination is required to ensure that wireless equipment from one television station does not interfere with another. This job is so important that when there are big sports matches and political meetings, a frequency monitor is appointed, who is allegedly the police in the air.


However, as 5G wireless networks begin to provide alternatives,

For wireless communication devices such as microwave camera transmitters and even wireless mica, intercoms, IFBs and in-ear monitors, this task should be less than Proprietary wireless additives and communication solutions problem is changed by 5G. tool

While the main focus of sports has been and will continue to be televised on games and public interest events, they recognize that the way some fans interact with the This product is starting to change.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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