Attorneys often spend years litigating cases earlier than they ever go to trial. If a case does go to trial, the parties frequently spend masses of lots of bucks to get to that point. If you locate yourself with a trial at the horizon, make sure you engage with an ordeal technician to behave as your “warm seat” operator. A Trial Technician is a professional in imparting evidence electronically and will become a critical part of the trial team. Trial attorneys who include the use of a multimedia presentation in the court docket via attractive with a trial technician may have a massive gain over the ones that do not.

As a trial technician, I bounce from one trial to the subsequent.  This regular exposure to trial keeps my “warm seat” competencies top-notch so that the presentation is seamless for every case. In case, when you are bored then you follow Google tricks i m feeling curious.

Prior to trial, there are numerous questions that the trial team ought to deal with:


  • How will I present my evidence in trial?
  • Will any witnesses be testifying through video deposition/video-conference?
  • Will I need impeachment clips created?
  • What do I want to do for my opening and ultimate shows?
  • How is the court set up?
  • Who will run the equipment at trial and troubleshoot any A/V problems?
  • Does the courtroom require an Equipment Order to herald systems, phones, and many others.?

An increasing number of courtrooms are actually geared up for digital display with devoted video display units for counsel, witness, jury, and the decide. If a court is not geared up for digital show, I carry in all hardware vital to outfit the courtroom, a number of which incorporates the following:

  • Projector and display
  • Flat Panel Monitors
  • Document Camera
  • Printer/Scanner
  • VGA splitter

Eight Successful Courtroom Strategies for Trial Attorneys


Just like with any precise eBook or film, a court case has to have a theme. The subject is the center message of your customer’s case—that is, the most basic function being asserted. It will serve as the overarching lens through which jurors will view your evidence at trial..


 This is every other simple trial guiding principle, but one I see so often neglected: It is the jurors, the last decision-makers inside the case, which you want to deal with. I actually have visible extra than my share of lawyers in excessive-profile actions arguing their instances to the media sitting within the gallery, which handiest serves to bitter juror hobby.


 Speaking of jurors drowsing, a great rule of thumb with a remote witness deposition is to show less than fifteen mins of video pictures. Play best the section that conveys the meant message. Otherwise, jurors will song out—or worse, end up angry.

Video impeachment needs to be brisk, tight, and applicable. Playing just the ones few crucial sentences that expose the contradiction will make a poignant announcement that resounds with jurors. It is going back to the concept of theme. If you stray too far from the cause of the impeachment, the whole point will wander off.

Even if an impeachment video exists, there may be times while you opt to gift the transcript as a substitute. Adding your own tone and inflection to the words can also help the jury better recognise your motives for impeaching the witness.


During my many trials, I actually have witnessed time and again the strong impact that photos have on jurors. Pictures have the electricity to evoke an apathetic jury into one that is engaged. Images often convey the story with more clarity and utility than words ever should.

Consider the effect of describing the form of a rectangular versus drawing one. Imagine how many phrases might be needed to describe a person. No matter how prolonged and unique that description, the listener could handiest shape a vaguely correct mental image of the real individual.

Visual photos are much more likely to remain inside the viewer’s long-time period reminiscence. This tendency is called the Picture Superiority Effect. A motive for humans’s superlative capability to consider pictures is that the meaning of visual stimuli manifests greater without delay than words.

According to Dr. Lynell Burmark, a pacesetter inside the education area, it is not that phrases don’t be counted, however they do have greater intellectual sticking energy when they are associated with a picture. She stated, “The words get Velcroed to the photo.”


 When studying an e-book or being attentive to a speaker, an actively engaged man or woman often creates an image in his “mind’s eye,” which then facilitates the statistics stick. This project requires additional intellectual attempts, so that once even a short time, the character tends to “sector out.” Everyone who has been at the receiving end of an extended-winded conversationalist is aware of how tiresome listening may be.

Armed with an arsenal of images, you can fast and efficiently produce the visible stimulation that will captivate instead of fatigue the factfinder.


 When confronted with conveying an effective message in an online proceeding, pictures are regularly the key to getting your factor throughout. In a court, the factfinders all view the pics on the same large display screen. In a digital setting, jurors are the use of exclusive styles of devices, and a few may additionally have small viewing screens.

In order to make sure each juror’s interest is held in a digital trial, massive layout pictures instead of important points need to be your visual scheme.


 Most lawyers have heard about the electricity of photos, so what confounds me is what number of stellar possibilities for the usage of visuals are misplaced. For example, in a case wherein the time progression of events is essential, why does it so regularly neglect to create a visual timeline? A photograph showing the timing of occasions has extraordinary intellectual sticking energy—specifically due to the fact jurors will continuously refer again to it.

Photos, diagrams, graphs, fashions, video Trial Presentation, and laptop animations are all very powerful ways to transmit your demonstrative proof.


 The vintage adage “You capture extra flies with honey than with vinegar” is sound advice for a legal professional in the court. The jury is clearly looking at every pass you’re making. Therefore, it is very essential to treat all of us with the utmost recognition—not just judge and jury, but also the paralegals, associates, and court docket personnel.


Additionally, the preparation to “play excellent” does not contravene the fee to provide hearty advocacy on behalf of your client. The simplest arguments are those fueled now not by means of ferociousness, but via talent and strong points conveyed in a composed, respectful manner.


An attorney and their purchaser are inextricably tied together, so if the human beings in the jury box like you, it’s far enormously probable they may also like your client.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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