If you have space in your yard or cabin, a copper fire pit is a wonderful thing. These are fairly tough and durable, and they must comply with safety guidelines. Copper fire pits have a classic look that will add character to the outdoors. To keep up this trend, they need to be groomed, and there are a number of ways to do that. Some are quite common while others may not be. Either way, they’re important in keeping that fireplace looking its best care after use,

If the fire is to be put out, do not use a bucket of cold water. The sudden temperature difference may damage the device. It may early damage or even fractures. After each time the fire pit is used, it should be cleaned. The ashes and embers must be cooled prior to removal and they should be placed in an appropriate container for disposal. These deposits should not remain for the next use.

If the copper hearth has a layer of varnish on it, it will be easier to clean. This coating prevents ash, soot, charcoal and wood from getting stuck, so it could be as simple as removing the debris and wiping down the fire pit with soap and water. Do not use scouring pads or any other material that may scratch the coating; not to polish this material, either.

Basic cleaning

Even if the fire pit is cleaned after each use, it will still need to be cleaned more thoroughly, on a regular basis. To remove stains, a regular copper cleaner can be used, but it should be non-abrasive, especially for treated copper fireplaces more info.

Natural ingredients can also be used. These substances are acidic and are used with household cleaners, too. Tomato paste, vinegar and lemon juice are all effective copper fireplace cleaners and stain removers that won’t damage the material, but are incredibly effective.

General care

If you are purchasing a copper mine and live in an area that receives a lot of rain or snow, or unpredictable weather, the unit should be placed in a protected area. This will prevent damage over time. When the fireplace is not in use and the ashes have cooled, close the cover. This will protect the interior from the elements.

Consistent use of the fire pit is the best idea for keeping it well preserved. This keeps rust and other nasty conditions out that happen so quickly. Keep plastics and flammable items or solutions away from these fire pits at all times.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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