Cuddly, funny and outgoing are only three

reasons that the cockatiel has been named the most popular. #1 bird to be a pet in America. Cockatiels are also skilled whistlers. Male Cockatiels in particular are famous for their whistle symphonies, that can be directed towards their favorite person as well as their most loved object or even their

reflection. When they’re not whistle-whistling or rummaging to eat and having fun in inside the enclosure, cockatiels typically prefer to spend their time snuggling on the shoulder of their favorite person. A well-groomed, well-socialized pet can be a fantastic pet for the family and is suitable for apartments.

Native Region  Natural Habitat

Cockatiels are indigenous to the areas that are semi-arid in Australia. This open habitat could be the reason why they don’t have the loud screech of parrots that originate from rain forest habitats that are dense. Wild cockatiels fly towards the ground in search of food. They are very sociable in the wild and are easy to reproduce in captivity

making them readily available for pets at a cheaper cost than other species of parrots. Wild cockatiels remain vigilant for predators, and they are not able to sleep for long periods of time. The pet cockatiel may have some night-fright episodes that causes it to flutter throughout the cage like it’s frightened. You can aid your pet to get back to its spot by keeping the lights on at night in the room. birds facts

Care & Feeding

A cockatiel’s cage must be large enough to hold many perches, toys and food bowls, and plenty of space to flap its wings and avoid hitting any object. A cage that has a large door opening is ideal since it is easier for a cockatiel’s owner to return it in its cage specifically because cockatiels are flighty birds. Cockatiels are natural foragers and can be found at their cage’s bottom, if they are given the chance.

Cover the floor of the cage by laying down newspaper, and then sprinkle treats over it or millet sprinkles for your pet to search for. Cockatiels are social birds . They thrive when given the chance to be social with you, whether it’s a gentle stroke of their cheek feathers or being addressed or sitting in the exact space with you.A balanced diet, and balanced diet, as well as other foods fresh and fresh vegetables as well as some seeds. A well-cared for cockatiel could last for more than 20 years.

Personality & Behavior

The placement of cockatiels’ feathers on its crest can indicate the mood of the bird. Straight crest feathers may indicate the bird is either frightened or extremely interested. A cockatiel with a defensive streak will keep its crest feathers down close to its head. It may be stressed out by its hissing. A cockatiel with a relaxed temperament is likely to have slightly tucked back crest feathers along with fluffed cheek feathers . You may also hear it happily crushing its beak.

Toys that are designed that can be destroyed tiny beaks are great for cockatiels. These toys include pieces of cardboard, pieces of paper made of soft wood, or rawhide, which is not toxic, to chew on. Cockatiels also enjoy toys with plastic parts that are hard, like beads to play with. Male cockatiels frequently seek mirrors or other reflective objects to play with and whistle to. They are also likely to fly from its playgym or cage on the floor, so be cautious when your pet is outside of the cage,

making sure you don’t fall on it and ensure that pets such as cats and dogs, aren’t able to get access to the cage. A female cockatiel may choose an area dark and enclosed to settle in, like the corner of a cupboard as well as behind furniture (even even if there’s no male cockatiel) Therefore, make sure these spaces off limits. Cockatiels are able to respond to your whistle when they are recognized for their tricks that they have been trained to perform.

Speech & Sound

Cockatiels are more likely to whistle than to talk. Male Cockatiels are more likely speak than females, and some even learn to speak some sentences or even words. Cockatiels prefer to chirp than screech. Their low volume of noise is a great pet for an apartment. The cockatiel may chirp an incoming call when you go out of the room, in order to stay in touch with you.

Health & Common Conditions

It’s common for cockatiels to cough at least once a day to eliminate dust or dirt from its nares which could result in an obvious discharge. If the sneezing persists and/or the discharge isn’t clear, you should consult your veterinarian who treats avian species. Cockatiels are excellent flyers and require more frequent clipping of their wings than other species of parrots because they can fly within a short time after trimming their feathers. Cockatiels moult (shed feathers that have been shed and start developing new feathers) at least once a year.

The main health issue for female cockatiels is the chronic egg-laying. This can reduce her body’s supply of vital minerals and calcium and also egg binding, which occurs when the hen cannot lay an egg. (A chicken does not require an adult male cockatiel for the purpose of laying eggs; it’ll just be an egg that is infertile.)

 Female cockatiels typically require extra calcium in thei

r diets for calcium, like a calcium-enriched base diet or supplement such as cuttlebone. Because cockatiels typically eat predominantly on seeds they are often afflicted with malnutrition as well as mineral and vitamin deficiency. A diet that is entirely based on seeds is packed with fats and can cause the fatty liver disease.

A low-fat, healthy diet that has the proper balance of minerals, vitamins and amino acids can be a big help in preventing illness in your pet’s cockatiel. It is the Lafeber Company offers many diets such as premium daily diet pellets as well as classic Nutri-Berries that have been specially designed to cater to your cockatiel’s specific dietary requirements.

Get a Cockatiel

Pet cockatiels can be found in pet stores that are large or avian-specific stores directly from a breeder, or via a rescue/adoption group. If you’re considering adopting a bird from an animal rescue or adoption group or an individual owner you should be aware of the bird’s background The reason the bird is being offered to be adopted? Does the bird have problems with behavior or phobias?

What is the preferred way for the bird to interactwith others? Does it love being touched? What kind of food items does the bird consume and does it have any favorite foods? Have you taken the bird to an animal veterinarian? If you’re buying an infant bird be sure that it’s fully feathered and weaned (does not have to be fed via syringe or by the parent). The signs of a healthy bird includealertness, clear with vibrant and gorgeous feathers vibrant eyes and nares which are free of discharge that is runny. Find out if the pet shop or breeder offers an assurance of health and/or an appointment with the vet for a health check-up.

Cockatiels are part of their own family of genus

Nymphicus Hollandicus)and are related to Cockatoos. The typical gray cockatiel sports the similar coloration of cockatiels found in the wild. Additionally, males can be distinguished from females due to the fact that they are more vibrant in color of gray with bright cheeks and females’ feathers are more muted. She also has the appearance of a barring in her undertail feathers.

Pet cockatiels are available in a wide range of color variants and cross mutations, such as those with the lutino (yellow) pearl and pied mutations in addition to albino and whiteface varieties. When color mutations occur there is a possibility that it’s not easy to distinguish males and females.


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