The DOT defines the substance use professional, sometimes known as the “DOT qualified SAP near me,” as “a person who analyzes employees who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol program regulation and offers recommendations for follow-up testing, treatment, and aftercare.”.”

It is up to the SAP to decide if a worker is qualified to operate a truck, school bus, oil tanker, train, airplane, subway car, or another regulated vehicle, as well as how long the education and follow-up testing process should last.

People can get assistance from SAP Evaluation near me providers to manage their alcohol or drug addiction. Numerous services are there which helps to treat the issue by local substance addiction professionals. Behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, or a mix of the two can be part of these treatments.

You are neither the employer’s nor the employee’s advocate as a SAP. Your job is to safeguard the public’s interest in safety by expertly assessing the employee and advising on the best courses of action for education, treatment, follow-up exams, and aftercare.

What are the DOT SAP’s return-to-duty and follow-up procedures?

In order to resume driving after a failed drug test, a driver must start the return-to-duty procedure and then submit to follow-up testing for the following 12+ months.

These days, it is more important than ever for employers and drivers to understand the SAP Evaluation near me. According to the new SAP Clearinghouse, in the first two months, approximately 11,000 drivers are there who are having positive drug test results. Personnel must follow the SAP and return-to-duty processes before they can begin performing safety-sensitive tasks.

As required by the federal regulations in 49 CFR Part 40 Subpart O, this procedure starts with a professional evaluation of a substance user.

Purpose of SAP Program

For the purpose of assisting DOT-mandated personnel in receiving the proper care and/or education they require in order to execute safety-sensitive job functions, SAPs must go through rigorous training, testing, and qualification requirements. The biggest and most well-known SAP referral program in the nation is SRS. We have assisted thousands of DOT-mandated employees, just like you, in scheduling with SAP providers and promptly returning to work that is safety-sensitive. Check with this if you’re looking for SAP service providers in your area.


The SAP will perform a preliminary interview to establish the best course of instruction and/or care. They will keep track of your development and make sure you are adhering to the program’s criteria.

How much does a DOT SAP program cost?

There are many different ways to assess the cost of the SAP Evaluation near me. There is a charge for the initial SAP examination. It includes an education program, a DOT drug test for employees returning to work, and a 6+ follow-up testing program.

Unfortunately, based on SAPs advice, the follow-up testing program’s duration can range from 12 months to 5 years. It is difficult to estimate total costs because of this.

Each drug test typically costs between $30 and $60.Depending on the company policy about who pays for the training, the minimum SAP and follow-up testing program might cost an employer or the driver at least $700 for the first year.

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