Do you know how to log in and set up Wavlink WiFi Extender? If ‘NO’ then don’t worry about this in this article you will learn about login and setup of an extender.

Login- Wavlink WiFi Extender

Login in wavlink WiFi extender is just a very simple method not so technical. To login into the extender follow these few steps.

  • First, launch a browser and type in the address bar of the web browser. 
  • Now, you will go to the login page of the wavlink extender.
  • Pick one language that you want to use.  
  • After that use an admin for both username and password. 
  • In the last, click on login. 

Key Requirements For Extender Setup

These are the following details that you will require during an extender setup process. Let’s see the list below.

  • Yu must have an extender.
  • Requirement for one power adaptor. 
  • Need one ethernet cable and the length of the cable must be 5 feet. 

Setup Wavlink Extender Via Wavlink Application 

  • In first, you have to download and open a wavlink application on your mobile phone or on a computer. 
  • After that, fill in the credentials in the required details to login into the app. 
  • If you are a new user then pick sign up. 
  • Follow only that instructions which are shown on display. 
  • Once you complete the setup process then try to use it. 

Setup Wavlink Extender Via WPS Button

If you get fail after trying both of the methods then you can try this last method. It is a very simple method, follow these steps to do this method.

  • First, place the plug of wavlink extender in the power socket.
  • Further, press the WPS button and hold it for 2 to 3 seconds. 
  • After that, in two minutes press the WPS button of router. 
  • At last, wait for a few minutes to see the Solid blue light on extender.
  • As a result, the wavlink extender successfully connects to router. 

Set up Wavlink Extender Via Manually

  • Put the power plug of the extender in the wall socket. 
  • Now, take one end of an ethernet cable and attach it to the ethernet port of an extender
  • After this attach another end of ethernet cable to the ethernet router port. 
  • Now, wait for a few minutes to turn both LED lights into solid blue. 
  • As a result, your wavlink WiFi extender successfully connects to the router. 

Note: After trying these three methods your Wavlink extender setup is completely done.

Precept of Wavlink WiFi Extender

  • Never connect your wavlink extender to an existing router by using the same security password. 
  • Don’t place an extender so far away from the router. 
  • Verify that don’t locate your extender near electronic devices. 
  • Don’t use that type of extender that does not has a power adaptor. 
  • Check the placement of an extender antenna. As much as possible try to put an extender antenna away from metal and electronic objects. 

Common Issue During- Wavlink Extender Setup

  • No internet connection in WiFi devices. 
  • Wavlink extender security password does not work properly. 
  • Official website of the wavlink extender does not work properly. 
  • Unable to connect with WiFi network.

These are a few reasons by which you face trouble during ap.setup.There are a few tips by which you can solve these issues.

Trouble-Shoot Extender Installation Issue

These are a few tips by which you can solve the extender setup issue.

  • Verify the placement of an extender.
  • See all wired connections.
  • Update the firmware of an extender. 
  • Check the ranking of the router and modem.
  • Check the distance between extender and modem. 

If you are still facing an issue after trying this method then you can try this last method. 

Reset Wavlink WiFi Extender

 If you don’t know how to reset the wavlink WiFi extender, then don’t worry just simply follow these steps. 

Note: After resetting the wavlink WiFi extender you will need to do the setup of the wavlink WiFi extender again. 

  • Press the reset hole button with a paper clip which is mainly located at a back side of an extender.
  • Don’t press the reset button so hard with a paperclip otherwise it may cause harm to your extender. 
  • Press the reset hole button for 8 to 10 seconds. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds after doing this to turn on back your wavlink WiFi extender. 

To Conclude

After reading this article, we hope you will know the login and setup of the wavlink extender and troubleshooting tips for the wavlink extender setup issue. Stick around this post for more updates. 

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