There are many European soccer fans that start to get excited when the season of the Premier League live broadcast begins, right? However, it is not easy to watch live broadcasts of overseas soccer leagues, such as watching the EPL for free. In this post, I prepared how to watch the EPL live broadcast for soccer fans. Let’s check it out together!

Premier League live website

The English Premier League (EPL) is the UK’s top football league that has been in existence since 1992 . It is well known as one of the world’s top five professional soccer leagues along with Italian Series A, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, and French Ligue 1. There are also famous Korean players, so I cheer for them even more. The official broadcasting channels of the Premier League live 스포츠중계 in major countries, which can be checked on the EPL live website, are as follows.

  • Korea: HULK-TV NOW, Coupang Play
  • UK: Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video, BBC, BBC Radio 5 Live, talkSPORT
  • USA: NBC, CNBC, NBC App, NBC Sports, USA Network, NBC Sports Gold, Universo, Telemundo, Peacock

Among them, the most convenient and good is probably the domestic spoiler TV and Coupang Play . In the case of spoiler TV, if you are watching pay-TV cable TV such as Olleh TV or Skylife, you can watch TV channels at no additional charge.

However, if you want to watch Premier League live streaming matches on PC or mobile, you will need to purchase a paid plan. Since Coupang Play is only available for paid Wow members, it is difficult to watch Premier League live streaming for free on EPL.

How can I watch the EPL for free?

As mentioned earlier, there are very limited ways to watch Premier League live streams for free at this time. There is no legal way to watch it for free in Korea. There is Thailand’s PPTV36 channel as an overseas broadcaster that you can watch for free.

For viewing through domestic channels, it is the safest and fastest to choose a rate plan that best meets your needs among streaming broadcasters or channels. Of course, high-definition is guaranteed, so you can watch all the Premier League live games stably without interruption.

Will we be able to watch live broadcasts of the overseas Premier League in Korea?

Just because you’ve purchased a paid plan doesn’t mean you can watch the EPL live anywhere. It’s a matter of jurisdiction. It is often difficult to access the Premier League live streaming website outside of the permitted regions for copyright reasons.

For example, a UK premiere live broadcast channel is not a problem if you access it locally, but you cannot access it with a Korean IP address. Likewise, domestic sports broadcasting platforms such as HULK-TV cannot be viewed abroad.

How to unblock access to EPL free live streaming sites

But with a virtual private network VPN service, you can solve this problem legally and simply! This is because you can bypass the EPL live broadcasting site you want by disguising your IP address as if you are accessing it from abroad. In this way, you can enjoy free viewing of local EPL, such as the UK, in Korea.

If you are new to the Premier League live streaming VPN service, you may be a little unfamiliar with it. An abbreviation of Virtual Network Service, it is a kind of security tool that can use the company’s own network to protect personal information and safely access the Internet. Accessing the site through a VPN is also easy. Please follow the steps below.

  • Choose your preferred Premier League live streaming VPN provider.
  • Download their VPN app to your device.
  • After turning on the app, select a local server to connect to. (Example: When connecting to HULK-TV from overseas, select Korea)
  • Access the desired website as you normally would. (Note: HULK-TV link)
  • Take advantage of the ExpressVPN free trial period!

Free VPNs are not recommended because of their many drawbacks. Personally, I used it a few times in the past, but the video playback speed was too slow, so now I am using a paid service.

In particular, ExpressVPN, with the largest number of members on hundreds of servers worldwide, offers a 30-day free refund period. If you make good use of this period, you can watch the EPL live broadcast for free for a month. There’s no reason to risk your privacy and use a free VPN.

Top VPN recommendations for Premier League live streaming

In the meantime, I was thinking about how I could help based on my experience of using various VPNs, but I made an EPL streaming VPN recommendation ranking that is good for watching the EPL live based on my own objective criteria.

There are two things I think are the most important. 1. Smooth playback speed 2. Security policy judging by these two criteria. In sports like Premier League live streaming, the sense of speed is vital, and interruptions in the middle are really heartbreaking. It may be different depending on your personal online environment, but since it was tested with friends, you should be able to play with normal specifications. As for the security policy, we checked not only basic security functions such as a no-log policy that does not leave a record on the server and a kill switch that immediately blocks a connection in case of a network error, but also whether periodic audits are conducted through an external organization.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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