The world has experienced a lot of changes in these last few years. The rate of crime has increased, and everyone looks to protect their properties and families. With the advancement in technology, home security systems have been installed to keep people safe in their homes and workplaces

In a bid to keep properties and their loved ones safe, a lot of people only consider the best home security solutions they can find. However, there are a lot of home security systems out there, which is why it is important that you know some of the best ones you can trust before making a purchase.

In this article, we will show you some of the best home security systems solutions in Utah

1. Ring alarm

This is regarded by some as the overall best when it comes to home security systems solutions. Known for its cheap monitoring deal at $20 per month, ring alarm offers a premium service at quite an affordable size. Although it’s equipment can not be considered cheap, they are efficient and worth every dime you spend on them.

Also, ring alarm offers a 60-day cloud video storage, which most brands fail to match. You thought that was all ? Of course not. To top it all, all ring alarm equipment have a lifetime warranty on them.

In terms of user interaction, ring alarm didn’t fail in this aspect as it works with amazon Alexa and Z wave.

2. Wyze home monitoring

Wyze home monitoring makes 24/7 monitoring affordable for everyone at it only charges a cheap amount of $10 per month. Its packages include entry sensors, mootion detectors, and security keypads, to mention a few. Also, the wyze home monitoring offers cloud video storage for one of its cameras.

Although the wyze home monitoring is not as efficient as the ring alarm, it is one of the cheapest and best home security systems in Utah today. It is also suitable for an alarm system for business in Utah

In the area of user interaction, the wyze home monitoring system is no pushaway as it supports amazon Alexa and Google assistant.

3. Kangaroo

One of the great things about the kangaroo security system is its cheap security equipment. With its low cost, one would think the kangaroo system is not an efficient security system or alarm system for business in Utah. However, this is a far cry from the truth.

The kangaroo equipment is new and technological advanced, which is hard not to see as most of its devices make use of WiFi. Also, it supports google Assistant and amazon alexa at a monitoring rate of $8.25 per month. Surprisingly, its most impressive feature is that it supports a full year of cloud storage for its door camera.

4. Abode

In terms of smart home features, Abode leads the race among other security alarm monitoring services in Utah. Apart from being compatible with Google assistant and amazon alexa, abode also supports the apple Home kit, Z-wave, and Zigbee devices. No other security alarm monitoring service in Utah has this range.

If you were impressed, you should know that that is not all. The Abode system also offers free monitoring services to all its clients with an option for professional monitoring services, which costs $22 dollars per month. It you want more automation and you can’t afford this plan, you can always opt for the cheap Abode $6 plan.

5. Simplisafe

Simplisafe is one of the best home security solutions in Utah but compared to others, it is quite expensive. However, simplisafe is worth every dime you spend on it. Featuring three door sensors, a motion detector, a smoke detector, and a siren, simplisafe offers all-around security to all its clients.

Although its smart home integration is limited, customers can have full access to it for a subscription of $28 dollars per month. This subscription also covers camera recordings, video verification, and advanced alerts.

If you are looking to invest a lot in your security, simplisafe is the one for you.


There are different types of security systems out there. However, you don’t have to break the bank to be safe. Work with a budget and pick a security system that fits into that budget

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