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Kuari Pass is a breathtaking mountain pass nestled in the majestic Himalayas, straddling the beautiful northern part of Uttarakhand. It was promoted by one of the governors of the pre-independence era, Lord Curzon. Since then, this place has attracted tourists from all over the world. This hike is mainly carried out in winter.

 This is my first Himalayan Kuari pass trek, and I jumped around the room excitedly until the day of trekking arrived. Ever since I read about these beautiful Himalayas in school, I have been thinking about them. The hike started from Haridwar and we reached Haridwar in the afternoon. After enjoying a simple and delicious dinner, we spent the night in Haridwar.

 The first day starts from Haridwar to Joshimath

 At 5.30 the next morning. After meeting other hikers, our journey began. It is a full-day trip from Haridwar to Joshimath. Due to unfavorable factors, I temporarily lost my enthusiasm. It was cold and I didn’t have much hope today. I originally planned to wait a while when I arrived. However, it wasn’t long before I realized how stupid I was! The landscape has always been incredibly beautiful and I have never tried to fall asleep. The landscape is astonishingly beautiful, and each passing small town seems more and more splendid. The fascinating river Ganges flows all the time, as if leading to a mysterious place uphill. People call her by different names in different cities. It is called Alaknandha, Pinder, Nandaking and Kaliganga. The river cuts through mighty mountain slopes in some places and flows through rocks and dense forests at other times. She added. This place is so beautiful that it makes it immaculate.

 Arrived at Joshimath around 8pm. It is located about 3,600 meters above sea level and is located in the magnificent Himalayas at the foot of the mountain. This is the starting point for various walks and pilgrimages in Uttarakhand. The city gives people a very simple and rewarding feeling, it is their first time seeing the magnificent Himalayan landscape. No adjective, metaphor or jargon can describe the beauty of the Himalayas.

 Day 2 Trek from Joshimath to Chitrakhana

 The real trek begins on this day, where we should reach our first base camp in Chitrakhana. The cold kept torturing us and every little movement was exhausted. We left very early because our trekking leader told us that we would not hike after 5 pm because the sun would set at that time. So we drive about 12 kilometers from Joshimath to the starting point of the hike. We begin the rugged and steep climb. After carefully walking about 2 kilometers along the path set by the guide, we come to a narrow path that leads to a remote village of Tugasi. This is a small town where simple, kind, hardworking and friendly people live. After resting for a while and chatting with the villagers, we walked forward another 2 kilometers and reached the top of Chitrakhana Mountain. The tall pines form a canopy on the snow bed, which is amazing.

 The third day of the trek from Chitrakhana to Tali

 The third day of the trek begins at 8.30 in the morning. Although hiking is classified as easy to facilitate, the unexpected snowfall a few days ago made it more difficult. Thick snow is knee-deep and even simple steps are boring. The 8km hike was shortened as the snow cleared the trail and made it inaccessible. We camped somewhere between Chitrakhana and Tali Top that night. So far our relationship is very good, we chat and sleep lazily!

 Day 4 Trekking from Dali to Khullara and Kuari Pass

 We start from the top of Tali Mountain and arrive at Khullara, our intermediate location. Although the snow is still thick, we are used to it and we have a great time! It comes from Khullara, where you can see the wonderful peaks of Nandadevi, Nilakanth, Trishul and Dronagiri. These mountains are 7,500 meters above sea level. This altitude offers a panoramic view of the magnificent mountains rising into the clouds against the backdrop of a magnificent sky. The chapter was impacted by these majestic mountains. I feel like I can keep looking. The sunlight plays with the colored canvas on these peaks, and the fleeting colors make me want to scroll through a colorful album. No matter how long I look, these landscapes leave me unsatisfied. Heavy snowfalls prevented us from reaching Kuari. However, I have nothing to lose. Because I am deeply in love with these mountains and I delight in their beauty.

 Walking back to Joshimath on the 5th day of


 Himalayas spent a few beautiful diva wonderland, we began to fall with a heavy heart, with complex emotions, happy to come here, sadly left this place, can not live here. In the afternoon we arrived at Joshimath and spent the night there.

 Drive from Joshimath to Haridwar on the 6th day.

 Bringing new friends’ discoveries and warm memories, I am back. If there is one I am sure, I will rediscover myself by exploring the hidden gem called the Himalayas.


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