Kraft Boxes

Kraft Boxes are eco-friendly and good for our planet earth. But do you have any idea that they are useful enough to be used at home to make different things from it? The answer can leave you no stunned. Well, we can—easily. These boxes are biodegradable and used widely in the packaging industry. They are extremely popular because of their low carbon footprint on the planet and usage.

Earlier, the significant brown exterior of the boxes was the only reason for largely adapting them. However, the reason was to replace plastic with custom boxes in the mission to reduce plastic pollution. As they are widely used and shipped with the products, the customers might have a stack or stacks of customized kraft boxes in their basements or store rooms. It is easy to discard these boxes but they can be useful by showing little effort.

Let’s have an overview of 6 incredible DIYs to make from customized kraft boxes at home easily.


Kraft packaging is extremely popular among businesses. They are usually custom printed kraft boxes that come in multiple shapes and sizes. Do you know that small kraft boxes can be helpful to express your creativity? The small custom printed kraft boxes can be used as an organizer for your desk. All you need is to layer the box with decorative paper or washi paper and stack them. They are helpful for keeping pencils, pens, paper clips, or other small office supplies.

Gift Box

Customized kraft boxes are the only solution to keep your gifts in them. But when you are at the receiving end and you have plenty of boxes at home, it is hard to get rid of them. Here, the good news is on your way. Kraft Boxes are the greatest gift boxes ever. According to the size and shape, you can choose a kraft box and to make it adorable, add some ribbons, stickers, colorful wrapping paper, and tape. These additions will help you to make an exclusive yet specialized gift box at home. They are also useful to store different gifts and other stuff. Making gift boxes is fun, easy, and safe. You can involve children in this activity to enhance the habit of exchanging gifts.

Drawer Organizer

Some people make too many efforts to keep their drawers well organized but they fail. Because it is hard to keep them organized again and again in a week when you have a busy schedule. Here, these bespoke boxes can be the best drawer organizer. They can be cut, shaped, and adjusted to your drawer, dresser, or bathroom. If you feel like the brown color is unmatched by your interior and looks odd, you can wrap your kraft box cutting with colors that contrast or match your décor. If you are a painter or love to paint, you can also paint it. They are also useful to make cookie or cereal boxes more organized at a work or in your own kitchen.

Photo Frame

Photo frames are something parts of our lives. Though we keep our best pictures on mobiles, the importance of the photo frame never decreases ever. However, there is no harm in replacing or adding a kraft box photo frame instead a traditional plastic and glass frame. It is recommended to cut the top of the box and cover it with decorative paper. You can attach a photo at the back and showcase it on a shelf, side table, or office table. This is quick and easiest to get done. You can involve your kids for picture frame installation in their rooms.


Book lovers are always looking for ideas to organize their books well. Though bookends are considered ideal for bookworms. Often, they end up in a messy place as they cannot find a proper space or dedicated space to keep their scattered books. If you have custom printed kraft boxes, take one, just cut it in half and fill sand or stones into it. Whether cover it with decorative paper or paint it. You can use it as a bookend to keep office documents at the office as well.


Do you know that your useless craft boxes can turn into garden planters? We all are aware of the container planters but what to do when we have a stack of boxes at home, it is suggested to use them to grow flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. while in small spaces. The regular container prices are high as we are aware of this. So, these boxes are sturdy enough to decorate your home naturally.

They are extremely sturdy and reliable. You can take craft boxes and paint them to make them beautiful. The rectangular shape is best in which you can sow seeds and recycle them when the season is ended. You can involve your children in this project and teach them gardening. These are the new incredible ideas. I’m sure you might have other ideas in your brain or might be using these boxes to create some new things. But the packaging box which you are going to use must be reliable and user-friendly.

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