Currently, as dentists we know that it is of the utmost importance for our patients to show off an impeccable smile that projects security and confidence when speaking. That is why when it comes to smile design, an endless number of aesthetic treatments are included that today Flower mound dentistry, together with Orthodontics, apply to improve the appearance of people’s teeth. Orthodontics is the branch that is responsible for finding the alignment of the teeth through the use of tools such as traditional orthodontics and invisible orthodontics. Both fulfill the function of aligning the teeth and correcting any problem of bad dental position.

A good smile design not only focuses on treating the color of the teeth but also on their correct position, since this factor is essential when it comes to showing off neat teeth and having excellent oral health.

At the Fmfamilydentistry we are a Dental Center that has professional specialists in Orthodontics who offer you dental aesthetics, based on aligned teeth. That said, through this publication we will let you know what are the types of orthodontics applicable in smile design.

What Problems Does Orthodontics Solve?

Orthodontics is a specialty of flower mound dentistry that works to solve and correct all those problems related to the proper dental occlusion of people. Among the anomalies we find cases such as:


Crossbite is one in which the lower teeth protrude outside the upper ones either in the anterior or lateral part and the most common causes of this problem are that the upper jaw bone did not develop correctly, or the lower it developed a lot.


Bite The open bite is known as the dentition in which one or several upper teeth fail to contact the lower ones, leaving a space that prevents the mouth from being able to close completely. An open bite can often result from childhood pacifier abuse or childhood thumb sucking.

Prognathism or Retrognathism

Prognathism consists of the displacement of the lower jaw forward with respect to the upper one, due to increased growth of the lower jaw. While retrognathism is the opposite of prognathism, it is the lack of development of the lower jaw.


The diastema is known as the increased interdental space between each tooth, which is common in children, but in adults, sometimes due to a genetic factor.


crowding Dental crowding is associated with some of the causes mentioned above, it is defined as the state of crowding of some pieces due to lack of space due to the jaw or maxilla not having a correct development, which is why dental treatment is required. An orthodontic specialist.

Types of Orthodontics applied to Smile Design

As experts in dental aesthetics, we believe that smile design can be done using various treatments, which can be non-invasive and quick, such as tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, dental implants, or done with more complex procedures that require more time to see. The results, like orthodontics, all depend on the needs and teeth of each patient. Next, we will mention the most commonly used types of orthodontics today.

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