Attics help save a lot on electricity bills if they are properly installed. If you notice any damage in your attic insulation then it’s time to call a professional to get your attic insulation replaced with a new one. This will help save the insulation from further damage and will help keep it protected from rodent attacks.

So, let us know how you can clean and maintain your attic insulation so that your home remains protected from extreme heat and cold weather conditions.

Remove the attic insulation

If your attic has blow-in insulation then removing the insulation will be a little dirty. But if you hire our professionals they will help remove your attic insulation safely. They will use a high-powered vacuum cleaner with a long hose that will help remove your attic insulation properly without creating a mess. The filter bag will suck all the bacteria that might have accumulated in your old attics. Our skilled experts will help remove your attic insulation in a better way. However, our professionals will remove the batt insulation manually by keeping it in special bags. This will help remove the dust and debris that may cause serious health hazards to your loved ones.

Replace the damaged attic and install the insulation

You should not end up hiring an inexperienced contractor to remove and install your attics, because it will create a lot of problems during the process. If you choose us, we can replace and install your attic insulation in the safest way possible. Our experts will make you understand if R-30 insulation or R-38 insulation is right for you. They can also suggest you install batt insulation or blow-in insulation if it is required for your home. Moreover, we will do rodent proofing to keep your attics safe from any rodent attack, which will help keep your new insulation in a better condition for a long time. Rodent proofing will also make sure that your insulation remains free from bacteria. We can also install a radiant barrier to keep your heating and cooling systems in a good condition to save a lot on your electricity bills.

Make your attic insulation Rodent proof

The final step of cleaning up your attics would be to make them rodent-proof. At first, our professionals will inspect to check if there is any damage in your attics by the rodents. If there is any chewing on the wood, then we will check if there are any mice, rats, or any other type of rodents in your attics. If there are rodents then there must be holes in your attic where the rodents have entered your attics. So, we will protect your attics by creating a barrier in the holes with a metal mesh barrier. This will make sure the rodents do not enter your attics again to cause any damage in your attics. The holes can be sealed with steel wool or with hard foam. After sealing the holes, our professional will check if there are any vents in your attics. This will be closed with metal mesh so that the rodents do not enter your attic through those vents.

Moreover, our specialists will help sanitize your attics to ensure that there are no harmful bacteria left in your attics to cause any serious health hazards. If you hire our experts, then they will get the job done with proper equipment by taking protective measures. If you want to get your job done without any hassles then you can choose us. Our professionals make sure that you will not do anything on your own to clean, remove, and install your attics properly. This will also help save a lot of power on your heating and cooling systems as well as your electricity bills.


You need to inspect your attic insulation regularly to detect the underlying problems that are damaging the insulation. This will help you detect the issues and rectify them before it’s too late. If you do not know how to inspect your attic insulation then you can take the help of our skilled attic experts to find out the causes of damage. Moreover, our experts will help fix the issues or replace them if they are completely damaged.

You can visit the Attic Wizard company website if you want to clean up your attic insulation without any hassles. Our professionals will make sure your attics are properly cleaned and installed so that you do not face any issues in the heating and cooling systems of your house. Moreover, they will seal the leaks and make your attic insulation rodent-proof so that it does not cause any future hassles. This will also help in saving a lot on your energy bills.

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