Low cost yet no compromise on quality. With its elegant grain pattern, Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine floors are a must-have in order to add charm to your room. Made from older-grown trees, this hard flooring is highly durable and requires little maintenance.

Made from Southern Shortleaf Yellow Pine trees, it’s one of the sustainable options which the world demands, with the United States being one of its favourite users.


The grain pattern of the southern yellow pine floors is extraordinarily patterned, ranging from wavy to knot formation. Southern yellow pine is properly appropriate for nailing. There is scheduled to be very little splitting if any, and the wood has very good protection ability. The scratches and stains can be removed by refinishing the floor once so as to maintain the original texture and unique beautifying nature of the floor.

Because southern yellow pine has a grainy appearance, it’s best suited for similarly rustic decor so as to give an aesthetic look to the surroundings. With its available shades like reddish brown, yellow-orange or yellowish-white, Wide Plank Southern Yellow Pine floors are one of the most efficient methods of saving up effectively and decorating your space with beautiful and unique pine flooring. With its categorization into 4 major species, i.e., shortleaf, slash, longleaf, and loblolly, all are famous for withstanding time. It’s a must-have object if you’re making your apartment hospitable. This flooring adds warmth and an amiable gesture to the room along with its unique grain pattern.


An additional benefit of installing the same system is its low installation cost because wider planks reduce hassles and are also time-efficient. 

From the very start, these trees have acted as an integral support system to the environmental uplift because, when agricultural plantations had devastated a good deal of the land in the south, pine plantations started changing a number of those regions, and as those plantations grew to maturity, it became obvious that the pines had been recovering the devastated environment there by working toward a better environment at large from the very start. This flooring gives a touch of sustainability. The pines also helped re-establish ecosystems, enhance water quality, and decrease soil erosion. 

In nutshell, these floors not only provide a connection with nature but also, because of their affordability and unique pattern, rule the market chain.

By Mansoor

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