A renal transplant or kidney transplant is a treatment for kidney failure at ESRD or End Stage Renal Disease. This is a surgical procedure where an individual with a damaged kidney receives a new kidney. This treatment is considered adequate for ESRD as it allows the patient to live healthier and longer lives. The kidneys’ main function is to remove and filter out fluid, waste, and minerals from a person’s blood through urine. When the kidneys lose the ability to filter, the harmful waste and fluid accumulate within a person’s body, which increases blood pressure. In return, it leads to kidney failure.

What exactly causes the end-stage kidney problem?

The end-stage kidney disease occurs due to several reasons, which are:

⦁ Polycystic Kidney Disease

⦁ Diabetes

⦁ Chronic Glomerulonephritis [It’s an inflammation and scarring of the small filters present in the kidney]

⦁ Uncontrolled and chronic high blood pressure.

Individuals suffering from end-stage kidney disease must eliminate the accumulated waste from their bloodstream through a machine or dialysis. They can also get it removed through a kidney transplant. But they should choose the most reliable and best kidney transplant hospital in India because they have trained healthcare experts in various medical specialties.

The experts will work together to perform the kidney transplant and ensure the results come out positive. When there is subspecialized expertise in one place, and it is completely focused on the patient means:

⦁ The patient’s care will be discussed among the experts

⦁ The test results will be available instantly

⦁ All appointments will get scheduled within the coordination

⦁ The patient’s kidney transplant care team will work together to find what’s right for them.

Why is a kidney transplant so important these days?

Doctors from the best kidney transplant hospital in India claimed that kidney transplant is currently in high demand. Many individuals with a damaged kidney opt for this surgical treatment, and there are some reasons behind it, which are:

⦁ It enables the patient to live longer

⦁ There will be no need for any dialysis

⦁ There will be fewer restrictions on what a person will drink and eat

⦁ The energy levels will increase

⦁ Patients will get to enjoy a much better quality of life

⦁ The treatment will make traveling and working a lot easier

⦁ Increases fertility and enhances the sex life

Last Words

A kidney transplant is one of the best to treat an end-stage kidney condition. Trained and highly-qualified healthcare professionals perform the surgical treatment. The patient will receive proper care and support before and after the surgery so that they get to recover quickly as possible. But it’s advised that you gain proper information about this treatment before opting for it. Ask your physician how much time the surgery will take, the type of food you need for it, and how long it will take for you to recover.

By Russell Crowe

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