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As the school year begins to roll around, there’s one essential item to consider buying for your child the backpack! It’s difficult to find the right one (and they’re not always inexpensive!) So we’ve narrowed down the top kid backpacks we have listed below.

There are many kid backpacks. We’ve provided the top toddler backpacks, top backpacks for kindergarten, as well as the top backpacks for the elementary school age and beyond. We’re here to help whatever level your child is stepping into!

My Very Strong Opinions About Kid Backpacks

I’m obligated to inform you that Whitney and I are on the opposing side of this kid backpacks controversy. Whitney likes to let her kids choose their own backpacks and makes them feel happy. Each year, buying one and if she can afford it, is a major win for her family. It’s great however, my idea of success is for my child to own one backpack that will last for a long time!

Do you think a sturdy, long-lasting, and durable backpack is boring? Of course, children should be children. While I might like to borrow my child’s color-coordinated backpack friends should not be aware that his mama is the one who makes him feel miserable.

If your child wants to customize their own pack your pack, there are plenty of options to make an ordinary bag appear more kid-friendly for example LEGO Star Wars keychains, adorable zipper pulls, labels and tags, or any of these. Include a homemade lanyard as well as dog-related tags, and you’re set to go! I’m thrilled that this technique has been a complete success for the dogs.

Each to their own, however, below you’ll discover options that can be adapted to both sides of the broad spectrum!

Pottery Barn Backpacks – My Favorite Kid Backpacks Brand

The first step is to make an ominous statement. Pottery Barn makes the absolute top backpacks for kids. They are the first choice I make when I’m looking for an affordable backpack for my child or a backpack that is able to be able to withstand the rigors of my teenager’s AP classes. This is why Pottery Barn gets a section of its own on our list. Should Pottery Barn isn’t for you I’ve got my other top picks for elementary school children and teens below.

Pottery Barn Kid Backpacks Review: For Toddlers, Preschoolers, And Kindergartners

There are several different Pottery Barn backpack sizes offered to suit each type. If you’re looking for an appropriate backpack for your little one to go to daycare, preschool, or kindergarten, I strongly suggest taking a look at the Mini or small-sized backpacks of PBK.

I particularly am in love with my Mackenzie Backpack because it is the perfect combination of stylish and durable. Your baby doesn’t require lots of space at this age and a smaller backpack will be more convenient to carry. Additionally, the Mackenzie is tough, constructed of waterproof polyester, and is made of very sturdy zippers (all important features when carried by a 5-year-old).

A cool aspect is that it is possible to personalize these backpacks by embroidering your name. It is crucial to note that there is no Pottery Barn backpack warranty and you are not able to return a custom product.

Jansport Packs Review – The Best Selection Of Classic Solid Colors

Popular backpacks for kids are sold on Amazon in various sizes and in a myriad of colors. For example, the Classic SuperBreak is good for your child in the middle school age group, and I would suggest the Half Pint for smaller kid backpacks. Both are priced between $20 to $40, depending on the color combination you select.

If you have a large kid, and the schooling is beginning to become more intense I suggest you consider you consider the Big Student Classic Backpack. It’s the perfect size for kids in the 5th grade or above, and offers the best organization.

Rookie Mom Tip! If you own a high-end Jansport with a zipper that is broken that is afloat in your home from your childhood, look into whether good people will repair it for you.

Ll Bean Backpack – A Lightweight Backpack With Everything You Need

Get yourself into the world of premium backpacks that are made by LL Bean. Its LL Bean Deluxe Book Pack is among my top picks and is very similar to the JanSport backpacks. It could make the best backpackspro required because it’s large in capacity however it is also nice and light.

Each year, there are new fabrics available. For this year I’m going to go with this Vintage Lavendar, with gray trim.

Rei Workload Backpacks

If you’re willing to pay a premium then you can get the REI Workload Pack is an excellent backpackspro. Your child can carry it with ease and it is packed with pockets. It’s a fantastic backpack for kids in kindergarten and beyond.

I’m sure you’ll be able to get the most value for your money at between $40 and $60 at REI. Holden utilized his REI backpacks to go through the first grade and had a great time; it fits perfectly in his school bag and lunchbox. There was only one issue: the whistle was snagged (I believe it was a that it was mistake by the user) This was where I reiterated my convictions.

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