Jojo Siwa's net worth

At 17, JoJo Siwa has more money than the rest of us would ever have in our lifetimes combined.

If you search up the word “perky” in the dictionary, there’s a good chance you’ll find a picture of Jojo Siwa, who is famous for being Justin Bieber’s rival on YouTube and is also a resident enemy of the singer. Throughout the last few years, JoJo has skyrocketed to stardom and made a lot of money along the way. She is known for her sky-high ponytail. Jojo Siwa’s net worth and money made her place among rich celebrities.

Dance Moms launched JoJo’s career

The hallowed halls of Dance Moms were the starting point for JoJo’s road to fame, just like it was for so many other superstars before her; this girl was destined for so much more than simply dancing. In 2016, she started publishing songs on YouTube (that’s right, she sings), and in the same year, she took her videos to the next level with gems such as “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A JOJO SIWA DOLL” (sorry to yell at you, she solely uses all caps) and “TWIN BABIES GIVE ME A MAKEOVER.”

Author of multiple books (bye, Shakespeare)

On top of that, JoJo released a line of giant hair bows, has so much merch that she has her in-home store, and is an author of multiple books (bye, Shakespeare). She recently embarked on an ongoing multicity tour called D.R.E.A.M., which is so extra that it makes Cats look like they are just chilling out. Oh, and I forgot that she’s only 17 years old. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty by discussing how all this labor finally paid off.

Top performers involve many moving parts

Okay, so the reward structure YouTube uses for its top performers involves many moving parts. However, paying customers and advertising revenue are the most important aspects to bear in mind. A YouTuber’s ability to generate revenue from advertisements is directly proportional to the number of people who view their videos and the number of followers they have. We can estimate how much money JoJo makes from the information we have gathered about other YouTube creators. Jojo has 12.1 million subscribers on YouTube, but there are no concrete facts regarding how much money she makes. Take, for instance, Ryan ToysReview as an example. Jojo Siwa’s net worth and money made her place among rich celebrities.

When compared to JoJo’s channel, which had just under 10 million subscribers. Forbes stated that Ryan’s channel had more than 18 million subscribers, which resulted in a reported income of $22 million for her in 2018. To put it another way, he had around twice as many subscribers as JoJo did then. If we use that figure as a standard to approximate, that will put JoJo’s channel somewhere in the neighborhood of $9 million.

It’s cool because you’re already shaken up; I believe this would be an incredible moment for me to make everyone watch the music video for “Boomerang.”

Get ready because you won’t believe what’s about to happen. In 2018, JoJo sold 40 million hair bows, each purchased for approximately USD 9.99. That comes out to a total of 399,600,000 dollars, which, holy sh*t. JoJo will not be able to keep all that money (or even the bulk of it, due to partnerships and taxes), but she has made this much money at such a young age is astounding.

The parent company of Nickelodeon

F.Y.I., Viacom, is the parent company of Nickelodeon and a collaborator with JoJo. She has determined that the star’s numerous live performances are a significant factor in the sales of her branded products. According to reports, during the summer of 2017, “bow sales surged by 40 percent in Chicago after she performed at SlimeFest [editor’s note: HELP] and 60 percent in the area around Anaheim after VidCon.” To put it another way, her success in retail is entirely attributable to her personality.


Jojo Siwa is a moneymaking machine selling Target nightlights and Walmart dolls. Her things sell out faster than you can say, “What is life, help?”

JoJo’s sales are unknown, but we may presume it’s a lot. Viacom claims the JoJo action figure doll beat Barbie at Walmart for weeks. JoJo’s YouTube mention boosted the doll’s popularity.

Not every product profits. Remember when JoJo’s Claire’s beauty kit contained asbestos or her board game was deemed inappropriate? Yuck.

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