Johnny Tabaie

Holistic Sanctuary is an all-natural drug rehabilitation program that features the exclusive Pouyan Method. This natural method has been proven to permanently cure addiction, depression, pain medication dependency, and alcoholism. Johnny Tabaie’s research into the subject of addiction stemmed from his own personal experience. His mother passed away from a crack cocaine addiction, and his brother died of suicide while in the care of a conventional FDA-approved drug treatment center.

Johnny the Healer

Johnny Tabaie the Healer is an alternative medical practitioner that specializes in the use of all-natural therapies. The Holistic Sanctuary offers luxurious amenities, a 5-star hotel, a hot tub spa facility, and a medically-supervised Ayahuasca retreat. Unlike traditional rehabs, this retreat is entirely natural and includes no pharmaceutical products. Holistic Sanctuary staff members treat their patients with compassion and dignity.

Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method was developed by a distinguished pioneer of Advanced Alternative Health, Johnny Tabaie. He practices alongside qualified Emergency Medical Doctors and uses the Pouyan Method. The Holistic Sanctuary is a five-star resort with an in-house gym and spa, five staff members per patient, and a medically supervised Ayahuasca retreat. This healing method is unique, and is available only at the Holistic Sanctuary.


When it comes to getting rid of addiction, a lot of people go for the luxury rehab facilities of California or Europe. These patients are often more educated about the limitations of their country’s healthcare system and the alternatives, such as Ibogaine, that are available in other countries. The Holistic Sanctuary is one such facility. With a highly professional website, this facility has provided treatment to a number of patients and is one of the best.

Ibogaine’s effect on withdrawal symptoms

Ibogaine was first discovered in the 1960s by a young physician at the University of Miami. In the 1970s, cocaine was ubiquitous, and people were looking for any drug to relieve the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Howard Lotsoff, a former drug addict, found that the drug did not have the same negative effects as heroin. Moreover, ibogaine caused no withdrawal symptoms in him.

Johnny Tabaie’s vision

If you’re looking for a holistic medical spa with no side effects, you’ve probably heard of The Holistic Sanctuary. Founded by Johnny Tabaie, this unique facility offers holistic health care to patients seeking alternative medicine. Johnny’s vision is simple: provide holistic healing without side effects, and eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs. To achieve this goal, he has created the Pouyan method and IV therapy.

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