Welcome to the world of Nippon Professional Sport (NPB), the second highest division in the world of football and stroke. This must be someone’s first contribution to a small-speaking group in the Spanish-speaking world (except on this page). Today we are going to talk about generalizations in the competition. Without much more, let’s get started.

 The history of the department started in 1934, as the first club

(Greater Tokyo Sports Club) was founded and the Japan Sports League functioned from 1936 to 1949, but the league as it is known today was founded in 1950. As an interesting addition to Asian leagues, NPB is the oldest, KBO 스포츠중계 Organization ) Korea) was founded in 1982 and CPBL (China Professional Sports League) was founded in 1989. NPB consists of 2 divisions with 6 teams each.

 On the one hand, we have the Middle League.

In this division, pitchers play and have teams from the Japanese NBA division. On the other hand, the Pacific League has a designated goals corer and in this case the league often takes the lead in throwing classics and other currents, for example, it runs a sister of an international streaming service (Pacific TV League) that does not have it at the moment. And as a paint suit added that it was the first division to build a Play Off system.

The teams played 143 matches and each team had a total of 25 matches

for a team from the same division, except for the corresponding draw, was registered in 2005, where each team played 18 times against opponents from the other division, which is unlikely to be champions of this competition, despite the weightlessness in the final standings, just around make the team proud say it would be the best. Spoiler alert: Pacific League teams win series.

  NPB also includes the All-Star Game.

That in some cases this competition is not a match but a draw. There are currently 2 games running and at some point there will be 3. The aim of these 2 games taking place in different parts of the world in Japan is to have as many fans as possible.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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