The Mexican baseball team will play for Japan in Group A of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Yokohama.

Mexico must win the tournament to survive a 1-0 loss to the Dominican Republic in their debut.

The duel will begin in Mexico City. And you can watch everything live and for free with MARCA Claro.

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Mexico vs. Japan: Schedule for Tokyo’s second baseball 스포츠중계 in 2020 and how to watch it live

The game will be played at 22:00 CDMX. You can watch this duel live with Claro Sports and MARCA Claro.

The result of the first baseball games at the Olympics

In the first meeting of Group A, Japan defeated the Dominican Republic 4: 3. In the second duel in the sector, the Dominicans embittered the debut of Mexico, which they won 1-0. The third clash will take place on Friday between Mexico and Japan.

How will baseball A evolve in Tokyo in 2020?

Japan and the Dominican Republic won Group A of three teams, although the Dominicans won two games when the Japanese fell out and defeated Mexico.

The Mexican national team has the same number of matches at the end of the sector. Baseball at the 2021 Olympics will begin this Tuesday, July 27, with a grand duel in which the Dominican Republic will debut with the goal of achieving its first victory and power, but will have to face Japan, which wants to leave Clara to. go to the air. At Fukushima Stadium.

The diversity of sports is particularly noteworthy

which appeared (see Table 1). During the period under review, information was recorded on 15 sports, La 1 Television Española (RTVE Group), which collected the full spectrum, and Antennae 3 (Atresmedia), which reported 11 different sports (73). %), leaving Telecinco (Mediata) news in last place, recording only 4 nba 중계 disciplinary reports (26.6%). On the other hand, it is interesting to note that sports diversity has been collected in every news poll. Of the 24 sports news items from the survey period, more than four sports are collected in 7 cases (29%), and a maximum of four sports are covered in the remaining 17 (71%). Notable are 9 news programs (37.5%) that offer only two sports news. If we present this data by channel, Telecinco shows the least variability, as the data remains stable in all its news programs, providing information on up to 2-3 sports.

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In no case sports information covers only two sports, in one case (12.5%) it is limited to three, in another case (12.5%) the information is divided into 4 sports, there are basically at least seven sports in the information table. . 6 times (75%) offers. In the case of antenna 3, six (75%) of the eight news programs contain information related to 2 or 3 sports, but in one case (12.5%) four (12.5%). reports on seven different sports. 18

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