Since the past decade, the education system has witnessed an impressive transition in the choice of private schools over public ones. And, all because of their quality-based education, faculties, and services, that build a scope to foster academic excellence. Along with this a private school also prepares a child for future achievements.

Every parent is looking to provide their child with the best value-based education and a setting that can build him to face the world to achieve success. And, private schools have better access to these resources to help a child in overall development. Here you gain the trust that your child would surely develop better self-esteem and self-learning abilities. Better opportunities and frequent tests are conducted to ensure that none of the students is lagging behind.

Nevertheless, a question persists – are the International School of Kuala Lumpur fees high? Well, let’s break down this question here.

Factors that govern the Fees of International School of Kuala Lumpur

In Malaysia, you will find more than 7700 primary and 2300 secondary schools and these can be categorized as special, international and religious schools. And, sending a child to a public school would surely cost around RM10000 until 12 years; and for international schools, it would be RM 30000. Now, International school fees are based on certain factors, such as:

Application Procedure
The higher the services offered, along with the brand name, the more will be the application processing fees. Because such a school takes enough care of their reputation and would like to enroll bright minds and dedicated students to keep up to their fame. This process starts with advertising, creating web portals for easy access, and conducting interview setup. So, there is a rise in the fees structure as well.

Academic programs
Private schools offer diverse educational facilities that include a perfect combination of curricula to help a student outshine every hurdle in the road to success. International schools offer co-curricular activities, along with student exchange programs, development in new skills, etc. and this gets added to the cost.

Study materials
Specific International schools provide additional services and that can lead to an increase in the fees structure and the services include transport costs, uniforms, yearly camps, and trips arranged by the school. They planned every aspect to help a child in the development process. Even the study materials, such as books, covers, and any educational tool, get covered within the school fees.

Top-notch faculties
Schools prioritize the fact that, as a parent, you can trust the staff and faculty, who offer their best. They select these educators over a few filtration stages and undergo a strict selection process, based on their experience and expertise. Thus, the school needs to pay them a good enough salary to create a stable ground for the educators. The school authorities need to provide the teachers with medical insurance, transport charges, housing allowances, etc., which take up 80% of the funds. Vice versa the more highly trained faculties are appointed, the higher the school fees.

Academic environment
Furthermore, there is a peak increase in the international school fees due to the added services in the form of swimming pools, fancy theatres, the ICT labs, fantastic sports field, audio-visual rooms, virtual classroom programs, monthly assessment reports conveyed to parents via mail, etc. Above all, the standard of conduct is important. Usually, here you will find a small-sized classroom, where every teacher can focus on the unique needs of the children.

Hostel facilities
Malaysia also offers a vast array of international degrees and through private schools, one gets exposure to a diverse course. Thus, many parents decide to send their children abroad. So, international schools provide accommodation support through boardings and hostels. And, they must have all commodities available to fulfill the necessities of students. Starting from properly ventilated rooms, healthy food, and emergency services.


So, if you are in doubt about the fees structure and in a dilemma about whether you should get your child admitted to any international school, then there is nothing to fret over. Because, nowadays, many private schools provide financial aid to support a child through his/her education. One of the schools which offers multiple scholarships to students is GIIS, Kuala Lumpur based on different eligibility criteria. Schools have become quite flexible and willing to grant the opportunity to help students build their careers by rendering holistic support. As for advice, we would say, do not judge a school simply by its fees, rather consider the other aspects as well before filling up the admission form.

By Anita Gale


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