We have been researching multilevel marketing companies and have come across OnPassive business opportunity. This website claims to have a compensation plan, a video conferencing app, and products for sale. But do they really work? Is this a MLM scheme? Read on to learn about this company’s business model. Is it worth joining? And will it make us money? Here are the things we need to know before making our decision.visit: https://onpassivebusiness.com/

OnPassive is a multi-level marketing company

OnPassive is an internet-based MLM company that uses artificial intelligence to boost its business. The company was founded in 2018 and is still in pre-launch mode. The company promises a high-returning business, but its products are generally of poor quality and have an outrageous price tag. Its business model is based on “O-Counting,” a software that claims to keep track of orders and payments and adjust accounting for individual branches.

It offers products

Onpassive is a self-funded business that offers products and services to small businesses. Unlike traditional businesses, Onpassive has a limited number of offline premises and employees. Onpassive is also self-funded and provides technical support for upgrading business services and maintaining websites. Founder Ash Mufareh has a lot to offer entrepreneurs. The company started in 2010 with a fictional business named AshMax. It has since been a reality, and offers many different products and services.

It has a compensation plan

While many people are attracted to the promise of a passive income from home, there are several drawbacks to OnPassive’s compensation plan. The main downside is the monthly subscription fee, which many people do not have the means to afford. This is where the compensation plan becomes an important consideration. Most business models require you to pay a subscription fee every month, regardless of profit. With ONPASSIVE, you only pay an initial fee, and you do not have to pay a monthly fee until you’re in profit.

It has a video conferencing app

OnPassive was founded by Ash Mufareh, a graduate of MIT. Disappointed with scams on the internet, he founded OnPassive. Today, the company offers communication and technical know-how to help people do business safely and securely. While the company has a few offline premises, it has enough employees to help people upgrade their business services and maintain their websites. Once a fictional company, OnPassive has grown into a legitimate business that serves its customers well.

It has an email marketing tool

Onpassive is an MLM company where members can sell memberships and earn a monthly subscription fee. They also earn commissions from downlines. There are four levels in this business and you can choose from any of them. Onpassive offers a comprehensive automation tool for email marketing. The company also has a 100% money back guarantee so you don’t have to risk a penny if you don’t like it.

It has a URL shortener

Using a URL shortener is a great way to save time and effort for your employees. Several companies provide this service to their clients. In today’s digital and global economy, short URLs are needed. To meet this demand, companies must offer these services to their customers. One such company is ONPASSIVE, which offers a range of products to suit various businesses. Here are the benefits and features offered by this company.

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