Android phones are popular devices these days. The operating systems have made their way to the next level. Cell phone devices are in billion worldwide, and people love to buy and use cell phones for several reasons. Therefore, android phones have turned goldmines over recent years. Mobile devices are full of data, and people want to monitor them no time ever before. People often ask a question is it possible to spy on the android phone remotely?

The answer to this question is a big No! You cannot spy on a cellphone remotely unless you have installed spy software on the target phone having physical access to the target device at least once.

How is remote spying on android possible?

It is possible unless you have configured spyware for android on an android phone having physical access to the target phone. Further, you can use the web-based dashboard of an application and monitor cell phone devices remotely.  It means you need to get your hands on those spy apps that provide you web-based control panel for remote spying on cell phones.

Install android monitoring app on android for remote spying

No one can monitor and track a cell phone remotely unless you have installed tracking software on an android device. Remote surveillance on android is not possible yet, and you have to configure an application on the target phone to perform remote surveillance.

Install OgyMogy android spy for remote spying

Do you know? Why suggest one of the best cell phone monitoring applications? It is an app that provides a user an online dashboard after a successful installation process on an android phone. It empowers you to perform remote monitoring on a cell phone device using its online dashboard. Users can activate the web control panel at any device and execute surveillance on mobile phones using the features.

There are the following steps to configure a spy app to monitor cellphone remotely.

Step1: Subscribe to spy app for android

You need to visit the OgyMogy webpage and tap on the solutions. You need to choose the spy app from android and get a subscription by visit the buy now page. You will receive an email and log in to your mail to get credentials.

Step2: Get the target phone into your hands

Users need to get physical access to cell phone devices and start the installation process following the instructions. You need to activate the phone spy software after you have done the successful installation process.

Step3: Use an online dashboard to spy remotely

Now use the passcode and username and activate the web control panel and access the features. You can unleash the features and get timely results via an online dashboard. You can perform remote spying with hidden and undetectable spying software. It offers non-rooted features that you can use on any android phone in secret and get to know what is happening on android devices.

OgyMogy android spy top-rated remote features

Here are the most powerful and advanced features of the cell phone monitoring app that enable users to spy on the android phone remotely.

Live screen recording

Live screen recorder can record live videos of the mobile screen in a series and deliver the data to the web-based control panel. Users can watch live recorded videos of the android screen and get to know what the target device user is doing at the moment.

Surround recorder

Surround recording is one of the best tools of phone tracking apps that can take over the microphone and record surroundings. Users can listen to the phone’s surroundings like voices, sounds, and voice conversations.

Read messages

You can read messages on an android phone cellular network using text message spying software. Users can read sent and received text messages remotely.


Users can capture screenshots on cell phone screens and set a schedule to get multiple screenshots to know about activities.

Key logger

Keystrokes logging can capture and record password keystrokes, messages, and messenger and email key logs remotely.

Browsing history

Users can monitor the internet history of android phone browsers and watch visited websites, URLs, and bookmarking.


Yes, you can remotely spy on an android phone using OgyMogy monitoring software. It is one of the best applications to monitor your kids and to keep tabs on employees.


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