Download Videos or Movies from Youtube

With billions of videos of all niches to stream on Youtube makes it the most popular video or movie streaming site globally. 

Whenever you try a new dish or wish to see the movie of your choice you just need to go to youtube but sometimes you have no time to watch it online then you want to save it on your device for watching later. 

Is it possible to download a movie or video from Youtube?

However, Youtube does not have any download button that will let you download or save any content from the site to watch offline. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to download movies from youtube. 

There are many other means to save the video from youtube and watch it later.

We will discuss here three ultimate ways to download videos or movies from youtube.

Click: YouTube video downloader app for Android

Download video using Youtube Video Downloader


This is the best and easy way to download videos by using Youtube video download apps on windows and macOS devices.

 Downloading by this method follow the steps

  1. Open the Youtube video downloader on your computer and click on the “Get” button
  2. Click on the “Download” button and then install it on your system
  3. Now go to Youtube and tap on the video that you want to download
  4. Copy the URL of the video
  5. Open the Video downloader that you have installed 
  6. Paste the URL on the blank field of the tool
  7. Click on the + button and select the format audio or video that you want
  8. Tap on green colored button “Download”


The time of downloading depends upon the size of the video file and now you can save your desired movie or video on your desktop to watch later

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Download video using VLC Media Player

Second, you can download a video with the VLC media player by using the method same as above you will be able to download your desired movies or videos from youtube.

Buy a Subscription to Youtube premium

Third, the most legal way is to purchase a subscription pack of YouTube premium and you can now download unlimited videos from YouTube.

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