Learning lyrics is a task that worries many singers. Especially when one night there is a lot to sing

But there are many tricks that will really help you process these lyrics in your mind so that it is both enjoyable and truly memorable!

You will need two or three different colored pencils, pens or markers, and a clear printout of the lyrics. Once you’ve fixed these things, let’s get started.

Learn the lyrics – get started

  1. Place your lyrics in front of you on your desk or table
  2. Now read the text aloud several times
  3. As you read, pay attention to how the number is formed. Probably with some verse and chorus. You should see clearly where these verses begin and end. See below how I printed my text page.

If you have printed your song so that the verse / chorus structure is not clear, make some changes on your computer and print it again. Or, if you don’t have access to a printer, write the Lyrics manually. It will also help you learn words.

Be sure to print your number in a way that shows its structure. This will help you remember the words well.

Creating a beautiful memorable text page is similar to creating a roadmap.

  1. Take a marker and mark the structure.
  2. The first motion is for the verse. The second time, mark the chorus.
  3. Next, make small pictures on the side of the page that represent the main ideas of the words. These pictures help to activate your memory.
  4. Now say the text aloud again. Are there certain words that seem uncomfortable in your mouth? Circle them and say a few times.

It makes sense to keep singing the song here – keep a lyrical roadmap in front of you. Let your singing memory work. And if you think you need more mnemonics (I usually need …), read below to find the “movement” in your lyrics.

Learn texts by moving your head


  1. Now that you are speaking the text, pay attention to the sentences that seem to contain movement. By movement, I mean you can use a sentence to make a hand gesture that refers to words. (For example, with the words “My heart is sad and lonely …” you can put your hand on your heart and look at your sad!)
  2. Look for some hand movements or body movements here and there to help emphasize a phrase that is hard to remember. Using your hand and arms in this way adds another layer of physical memory to memorize the lyrics.

Study the texts with your whole body

If you need more powerful memories, use your whole body to describe the words if they don’t come easily. Put everything yourself into action. Dance through a few sentences if that makes sense. Scroll around the room to get another group of words.

Remember that these are alerts, not actions you take in performance. But all these efforts leave a strong impression on your brain. And words will flow more easily when you’re killed, because your whole “body” is involved in remembering the most important words and phrases.

Once you’ve completed some or all of these processes, it’s harder to forget your words, even if you have a lot to remember.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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