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The extensive inventory that has been carried out at our organization of Tyres has no doubt contributed to our goal of becoming a trusted garage for car tyres. We are trusted by locals and customers alike for our quality products. Throughout the process, we have stayed focused and committed to our aims for becoming the best for our customers. This has helped us thrive through the highs and lows of the market.

We wish to introduce you to the types of Tyres Stone that can cater to your living and business. The Churchill Tyres Stone that fit your vehicles is our top-sellers and favourite range of collection as well. If you’re looking for performance tyres or tyres for adverse weather conditions, you’ll find them all here. Since we wish to make it easy for you, we help in direct delivery for the convenience of our customers.

What are the different Seasonal Tyres?

Let us take you through the journey of Churchill tyres suitable for different seasons-

Summer Tyres-

During the summer, specialized tyre compounds maintain their shape in hot and humid conditions. This allows these tyres to provide a high level of traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Summer tyres stone also feature a unique tread pattern that reduces aquaplaning.

Winter Tyres-

It can be dangerous to drive on without specialised tyres, which are engineered with softer rubber compounds to provide improved braking, traction, and grip on ice and snow. Churchill tyres can give you the best quality of winter tyres.

All-Season Tyres-

This type of tyre possesses both the characteristics of summer and winter tyres. By choosing all-season car Tyres Stone, you can avoid the hassle of changing your tyres every six months. The rubber compounds of these tyres allow for excellent handling performance during the summer and winter seasons.

What are the different types of tyres other than Season Tyres?

4 X 4 Tyres-

In contrast to standard tyres, 4×4 tyres are larger and have distinct features. If you own an SUV, you should choose 4×4 tyres. These feature reinforced sidewalls, wider grooves, and an aggressive tread design that provide optimal traction and superior grip on mud, grass, and uneven terrain. These include reinforced sidewalls, larger grooves, and an aggressive tread design for improved traction and grip on dirt, grass, and uneven terrain.

4×4 mud-terrain, 4×4 highway-terrain, and 4×4 all-terrain tyres are among the three varieties of 4×4 tyres that you can buy. You need to select the model that is best suited to your off-road and on-road driving requirements.

Run Flat Tyres-

All automobile owners would prefer to avoid being stranded on an unfamiliar road due to a flat tyre. Stone run-flat tyres are designed to keep your car going even when it has a puncture. As a result, if you equip your vehicle with these options, you’ll be able to drive to the local garage and get the tyre replaced quickly.

Performance Tyres-

Choose these tyres if you own a high-performance vehicle. Stone performance tyres are noted for their greater precision and responsiveness in both dry and rainy weather. These tyres have specialised tread patterns and construction elements that help them handle better. We also supply agricultural and commercial tyres in addition to these options.

You have an option of choosing from the assortment that comprises a variety of tyres in various price ranges including premium, mid-range and budget. As a result, whether you’re seeking premium or low-cost Stone tyres, our garage is your one-stop shop.

Do we have Eco-friendly Tyres?

The environmentally friendly ingredients have been particularly developed to be very fuel-efficient and long-lasting.

Churchill tyres have the following advantages-


The three wide tread grooves and wave-like sipes easily drain water, improving grip and driving safety on wet roads.


To provide superb handling, a pair of centre ribs and robust shoulder blocks maintain stable contact with the road.

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