Many Insta mods are available on the internet, But they are ancient these days and have the same old features. So it’s time to move on to the new mod Insta.

If you are using the old GBInsta, YOInsta, Instamod Pro or any other mod Insta and looking for the new best mod Insta. In that case, Insta Thunder is one of the best for you because it is fully updated and brings lots of new features that are not available in the old mod Insta applications.
Insta Thunder: Everything That You Need Know About
Insta Thunder is very similar to the mod InstaPro application, But it has more and improved features than the old mod Instagram applications.

Moreover, it is one of the best choices for those people who love using Instagram mod applications. Because it has a massive list of new mod features that you cannot use in any other mod Insta app.
Features of Insta Thunder
Ultra Privacy
It has advantageous privacy features like hiding typing status, hiding stories view, and many more explained in the following paragraphs.

In other mod Instagram, you see many ads in the stories and home feed. But, Insta thunder has no ads in the stories or home feed section.

Disable Autoplay
Serval videos automatically play on Instagram, whereas you can control video autoplay in Insta Thunder.

Save IGTV Videos
Old mod Instagram applications don’t have the option to save the IGTV videos. However, compared to them, Insta thunder gives you this option.

Media Download
Like other mod applications, you can download Instagram photos, videos, and stories in this application.

Hide View Stories

You can also have the option to hide your story’s view. So, nobody can know that you have seen their stories.

Hide typing status
While typing a message, another person can see the symbol we are tying. That typing status you can control in the Insta thunder application.

Media max quality
When we upload or share photos & videos on Instagram, it reduces the media quality, But Insta thunder doesn’t the quality of your media If you send to someone or upload your profile.

App lock
If you use app lock for your social media platforms, you don’t need to download third-party applications because it has its own app lock for itself.

If you follow other countries’ people who have a different language, you can translate their captions, comments, or bio in Insta thunder because it supports google translate.

Unfollowing tracker
Insta thunder can provide you with a list of people who unfollow. That’s how you can analyze who and how many people you reduce from the follower list.

One-Click Copy
With this feature, you can copy the comments & bio of other people with just one click.

Directly link open
Directly link open gives you access to open the link directly from the comments section.

Enable/Disable Double-Tap Like
If you don’t like the double tap-like option, then you can enable & disable this option in Insta thunder.

Zoom Picture
Sometimes we want to see something in a picture. So, we need the zoom option, which is available in the Insta thunder application.

Disable swipe Option
Sometimes we open the camera or direct chat section by mistake, If it often happens with you. Then you can disable this option in Insta thunder.

How to download Insta thunder?

Uninstall the original Instagram; if it is installed
Download the Insta thunder from the download button
Allow the required permissions
Enjoy the Insta thunder on your device

Download the latest Version of Insta Thunder

Which Mod Instagram is The Best?

There are lots of mod Instagram available on the internet. But, Insta thunder is the latest mod Instagram application, which brings more advanced features for you. So, Insta Thunder is one of the best mod Instagram applications.

Is Insta Thunder New Mod Insta?

Yes!! It is a new mod Instagram application with several new features that you cannot access in the old mod Instagram applications.

Why Should We Use Insta Thunder?

The only reason to use Insta thunder is its features. It brings a list of new features not available in the old mod Instagram applications.


I hope this information is more than enough to download Insta thunder. But, if you are moving the Original Instagram application, it will be a fantastic experience for you.

But if you are already using any other mod Instagram++ application, it will give some new and updated features that you can get in your current mod Insta application.

I hope this article is helpful for you and we have covered all your questions. Still, do you have any questions or suggestions for us? Please leave them in the comments section.

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