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Introduction to handicrafts.

Handicrafts are something identifying that adds special touch to the interior design of the homes for which individuals typically crave for.

Indian Wooden Handicrafts

The Indian’s heritage is rich and vibrant and this heritage has always been mirrored in the country’s antique wooden handcrafts. We Tradnary Exim Pvt Ltd have a wide range of antique wooden handicrafts, from handcrafted toys and jewellery to Wooden Kitchenware accessories and wooden boxes and so on. These wooden handicrafts are a very vital part of the Indians cultural history. The style and design of the craft item literally reflect the belief, lifestyle and environment of the country. India is a region of numerous ethnicities, races, cultures, and beliefs. You can actually discover all about these differences and factors in the wooden handicraft items.

Why wood crafting skills are unique?

  • Indian wooden handicrafts have a special place in the handicraft items for the home decoration since ages. India is home to some of the finest wood craftsmen and has a rich culture and heritage. A craftsman sits quietly and chisels away a piece of wood with his toolkit, and turns a plain piece of wood into something totally unrecognisable from its original form.
  • The traditional art form of making wooden handicrafts is one that is passed on from one generation to another, and it has a rich cultural significance. Indian wooden handicrafts are not only famous in the country but have a widely reputed foreign market as well. Here’s all you should know about Indian wooden handicrafts.
  • Since wooden handicrafts are made by hand – it goes unsaid that each and every piece is unique. The prices of Indian wooden handicrafts are high for the same reason. Just like any other handmade items, the wooden handicrafts take a lot of time and dedication to be completed and thus is highly extrinsic in its art value.
  • Indian wooden handicrafts are made only by a few artisan families, and are limited in number. Not everyone can pick up the skills that are needed to produce a finely chiselled wooden handicraft. As the craftsmen explain – the skills of making these colourful beautiful aesthetic wooden handicrafts runs in their blood, by which they mean it has been passed on to them from their old ancestors.

Types of wood crafts.

Wooden Decorative items and wood crafts

Its true to say, India has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The various monuments of India bear testimony to the fact that India has had an ancient tradition of wood carving and wood decorative.

Types of wooden decorative and wood crafts

  • Wooden Candle Holders
  • Wooden Door Knobs
  • Wooden Incense holders and Incense Burner
  • Wooden Napkin Ring
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Wooden Clocks
  • Wooden Photo Frames
  • Wooden Wall Hangings
  • Wooden Mirror Frames
  • Wooden Coasters
  • Wooden Ash Trays
  • Wooden Sticks
  • Wooden Name Plates
  • Wooden Pen Holders
  • Wooden Jewellery Box

Wooden Kitchenware

Kitchen accessories are graceful, refined and elegant interior of the kitchen. They add style and class. They are durable and yet gentle on all surfaces, either on a sticky surface or non-sticky surface. They help in adding longevity to cookware items also.

“Wooden kitchen accessories” due to their characteristics like lightweight, elegant and fine finish are front-runners and favourite in the kitchen. Wooden accessories are also healthier when compared with their steel and plastic counterparts because bacteria simply thrive on metal and plastic.

Types of Wooden Kitchenware Products:

  • Wooden Bowls
  • Wooden Serving Trays
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Wooden Spatula
  • Wooden Platter set
  • Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden Handicraft Export

Indian handicrafts are loved around the world for their superior quality, variety, and beauty. The export of handicraft items from India is a significant part of our economy as it employs millions of people. The industry is spread all over India creating handicraft items for export in India.

The Major Destinations for Exported Handicraft Items from India are as follows:

  •  United States of America
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Latin American countries
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Australia

 The major states in India involved in the production of handicraft items for export are as follows:

  •  Uttar Pradesh
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Rajasthan
  • Gujarat
  • Kerala


Top 3 Wooden Handicraft Export Companies in India.

  1. Tradnary Exim Pvt Ltd

Tradnary Exim Pvt Ltd is an Indian handicraft manufacturing/export company. Manufacturing unit of company is in Hub of great artisans which is in Moradabad. Company is active from more than 45 years working with a great potential of growing to bring name of India upfront in this Industry.


  1. The handicrafts Handloom exports corporation of India

The company is operated by the ministry of textiles, government of India. HHEC portrays the rate and genuine artwork of India. For the past five decades, the company has been nurturing Indian craftsmanship and appreciating the works of Indian artisans. HHEC works to provide a strong foundation to the artisans, weavers, and craftsmen of rural areas. The company has been rated as start export house that is engaged in the development and export of handicrafts and handloom items such as wood, Iron goods from around the country.


  1. Sakura Handicraft

Sakura Handicraft is the leading name in the handicraft export business of India. Established in 1990, the handicraft company has since made a mark in the handicrafts business. Sakura Handcrafts has been known for the supreme quality of their products. The nominal pricing, paired with their exquisite products, makes them a top seller in the global market

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