Increase sales this festive season using bulk SMS

The festival period is when people purchase a lot of things and the producers have an opportunity to serve their customers the best. Be it online or offline consumers make maximum purchases during the festive season. Be it Christmas, Easter, New year’s, or other religious festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid, etc. Consumers tend to buy more goods and services. Businesses that can utilize this opportunity enjoy great revenues. To grab the attention of your consumers the best SMS marketing strategy. 

The pre-festive season is the best time for your business to review sales and significantly increase them, no matter what product or services they sell or offer their consumers. 

In this article, we will find out various methods to multiply and increase your sales and engagement via SMS marketing during the festive season. 

Advertisement campaigns completely depend on the kind of marketing strategy being used. For those who are looking for an opportunity to connect to their customers. SMS marketing is the best marketing platform for both seasonal and nonseasonal businesses. Also, this Marketing strategy is universal and can be used by any industry, business, or firm for any type of target audience, because everyone is using smartphones these days. 

How is SMS marketing advantageous for seasonal sales? 

Sales increase spontaneously when a text messaging strategy is used. Research shows that there are real changes in engagement when an SMS marketing strategy is used. This is because it is easier to sell products to someone who has ordered previously from you instead of selling them to a ‘cold’ customer.

Also, those who wait for festive season offers to shop at the last minute can be informed via text message marketing. Businesses can lure these people to make purchases from their stores, websites, apps, etc.

SMS is quick, attention-grabbing, and provides real-time engagement and hence good for connecting to customers. 

Encourage for shopping

Businesses must not forget to inform the customers about sales, discounts, offers. This can be done via SMS Marketing. Any other Marketing platforms be it social media or traditional methods ( like newspapers, radio, banners, etc) are not that effective as compared to SMS. 

Yes, indeed email is a good fit but not the best one. The reason is that most people with busy schedules tend to ignore their emails and the chances that your email goes unread are higher. That’s why the best-suggested strategy to grab attention is to send offers, updates, and notifications, via SMS.

Increase customer loyalty to your brand. 

The best time to build loyal customer support is by establishing quick two-way communication with them. The festive season is a great opportunity when it comes to sharing warm wishes with your audience. This helps to make a warm and kind connection with your customers, create  an 

the atmosphere of gift-giving and saying thank you.

To your most favorable consumers. 

Congratulations and. Sending best wishes to your consumers will remind them about you and increase their loyalty towards your business. People are pleased to see businesses take care of their happiness. 

Show your attention.

Businesses can offer their customers to purchase goods at affordable prices during the festive season which might rise later. 

Mentioning the deadlines is a must so that there is anyone for the consumers and they would make the purchase without procrastinating it. 

Ready-made ideas for gifts. 

Many people get confused when it comes to choosing a gift for their loved ones. Suggesting them the products they can gift will be of great help. Consumers are likely to come to you to solve this problem. Thus reminding them of products that can be used as presents via text messages can be profitable. 

For example:

“Looking for a Christmas gift? Exclusive ideas for gifts on our website / online store.

Visit and choose. Book your product now. 

[phone number or website or product link]

Solve their problems with your products.

Businesses can utilize festive time to offer more value to their customers via offers. They can offer their consumers combinations and packages at discounted rates. For example, during the festive season, those who are purchasing sarees might be interested in purchasing other accessories too. If businesses give them offers they might purchase both with the same store. There are some ways to use SMS marketing effectively for maximum results. 

  • Start SMS marketing campaigns

Use automated SMS software that allows businesses to plan and execute SMS marketing campaigns. The best way for a successful Marketing campaign is that it is channeled via bulk SMS software. 

  • Maintain a database

Businesses should maintain a database of the consumers who are frequent buyers of their products or who have opted in to send relevant reminders to them from time to time and during the festive season.

  • Use links 

During the festive season, people are generally busy. In such time a message that is merely a reminder is likely to go unnoticed by the users. Thus businesses must attach links to their websites/ web pages etc.

Also, links make it easier for the consumers to directly visit the website and take action if the items or offers interest them. Adding links makes it convenient for the users and thus makes it simple for the consumers to check out your products.

  •  Highlight end dates.

Businesses can use the strategy to create hype by announcing the end dates of festival offers via SMS. And this creates an urge to shop before the offer, discounts, and sales expire.


The reasons for using SMS Gateway Australia as your marketing strategy during the festive season are endless because the benefits are high. Any business can boast their sales via SMS marketing not merely in the festive season but throughout the year. 

SMS pops directly on the screen and grabs attention immediately. So this new year tries to use a new marketing strategy ( SMS marketing ) to boost sales. 


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