While searching for a healthier lifestyle, it has been very difficult for me to get all the essential vitamins and minerals I need. Most of all, I was very busy with my two kids and my husband full-time. It was almost impossible to prepare a healthy meal three times a day with all the vegetables you need. Then I discovered the quick cure, fruit and vegetable juices!

The problem with this finding is that most of the juices on the shelves are either concentrated or contain large amounts of fructose syrup. I really wanted to eat healthy juice, so I thought about making my own juice from organic vegetables grown in the garden. This made me compare it to a juicer and I was amazed!


First, many high-end juicers are expensive, high-end juicers can cost almost $ 800, and the truth about these juicers surprised me more than the sticker price. Juicers like Angel spin at incredible speeds, heating vegetables and spoiling the nutritional value of the resulting juice! Given the spin speed of this juicer, it’s no surprise that 1000-24000rpm definitely gets a little hot.


Another thing that really surprised me about a device like the Angel was how long it took to clean after use. After spending a precious half an hour cleaning this intricate machine, I decided that making your own juice might not be worth it!

Omega 8005 juicer

At this stage of the experiment, a friend introduced me to the Best Juicer Reviews. This small device worked surprisingly well and had no problems with more expensive juicers. For the first time I noticed how quiet this juicer is. The omega only rotates at 80 revolutions per minute so the kids screamed and didn’t rush out of the room while mom was making the juice! Being slow also means the blade and juice doesn’t get hot and don’t destroy valuable nutrients.

Besides the price, of course one of the things that sold me this juicer compared to other models was the fact that you can make green vegetables in this machine without worrying about stopping the juicer. I love wheat germ and as I found out I had to buy a separate reamer specially made for wheat germ. It will also be wiped clean in less than 10 minutes and you’d better believe I was sold as an Omega 8005 juicer.

Now I can produce healthy, high-quality juices for my family and still keep up with my busy schedule. Perfect for work, play, dinner, bathing, fairy tales, etc. Now you can make juices, vegetable juices, special spices and more thanks to the new and convenient device.

Don’t you want the following?

  • Do you think you have enough energy to do the work you need to do?
  • Does it promote healthy digestion in the body?
  • Does it support the health of every cell in the body?

Eating plenty of vegetables, especially dark green and leafy vegetables, is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health. The easiest way to ensure you are getting enough of these nutritious vegetables each day is to have a balanced juice plan.

Vegetable juice works because it offsets the acidity that most of us struggle with.

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By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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