Impounded car insurance

What does it mean when a car gets impounded?

Losing access to your car whether for repair or other reasons is never good. If you have only one vehicle for the daily routine, you will have to figure out other transportation options. If your car is impounded, you may have to wait much longer before it can be retrieved.

When your car is impounded, it has taken to the police pound. The impounded car will remain in the pound until it can be retrieved. Getting your car out of impound needs time and money, however knowing what to do before makes the process more comfortable.

Why do cars get impounded?

In many cases, your car will be impounded by the police or other authorities. If you have got a lot of unpaid parking tickets, your car will be impounded and taken to the pound. In some cases, your car can be impounded off an unauthorized parking space with no advance notice.

Police can also impound your car if there is proof that it was involved in a crime. If authorities search your car and find any illegal items, the car is considered dangerous to other drivers and will be taken from the registered owner. They will also consider the car unsafe if the driver does not have a valid license or if the driving license is suspended.

Once the authorities receive a grant of authority, they are legally allowed to impound your car. This grant is generally given by the court. They will locate your car and send an impounding officer to take the car away from where it was parked. 

If you leave your car in the police pound for 14 days without making an effort to reclaim it, your impounded car will be crushed or sold at auction.

How to release an impounded car?

The process of releasing an impounded car may seem tough, but it is possible. Your first priority should be to find the pound where your car is held. You can do this by calling your local police pound or by checking online.

Once you find where your car is, call the pound. Impound lots will not allow you just come and pick up your car without some type of paperwork, so ensure you are ready to provide them the information they need.

They will generally need you to present proof of impound car insurance and a valid driving license. If you do not have a valid driving license, you should enroll in an insurance policy before your car can be retrieved. You must have the state’s minimum required insurance.  

The impound lot requires to be returned for impounding and storage charges, so you should have some money with you to pay them. The exact amount you require differs depending on the state or location of the pound. You will have to pay an additional fee for each day while your car was in the pound. If you need impound car insurance for impounded cars or want to know how to get a vehicle out of impound, contact us and we will try to help you in retrieving your vehicle from the police pound.

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