In addition to their love for bees, Marco and Manfred developed Tiroler Alpenhonig, a valuable, pure and healthy food. It is a traditional craft in the Tiroler Alpen region. To learn more about Alpenhonig, read on. This article contains a list of the most important Alpenhonig facts.


If you are a fan of Alpine honeys, you probably know about alpuris, a company founded by Michael Mildner in October 2016. The company’s goal is to bring Swiss Alpine honey to the world and promote the work of beekeepers and their craft. The company’s product is made from 100% natural ingredients, and it’s available at retail stores and online.

The company’s philosophy revolves around pure products, which are produced in small quantities and marketed to an international market. The company sells all types of Alpenhonig, handpicked from the Imker region. The company is committed to selling only the best in the region and the market.

Tiroler Alpenhonig

Tiroler Alpenhonig is an important product that contains antibacterial properties and is an excellent source of valuable nutrients. It is also a traditional craft from the Tiroler Alpen. The ingredients are free of additives and chemical preservatives and are extremely healthy and nutritious. In addition, it is a unique and valuable natural product. You will enjoy its pure taste and richness, and you can purchase it in local shops.

Tiroler Alpenhonig is a registered trademark in the EU for a variety of products. It is used in cosmetics, including non-medicated lip care preparations, hand creams, and foot creams. It is also used in spirits, liqueurs, and fortified wines.

It’s important to use lippenpflege regularly, especially if you’re in the sun for a long time. If you have chapped lips, you’ll want to find a product that contains UV-Schutz to protect them. These products are especially important for children and older adults, who often have dry lips.

Tiroler Honig

Imkerei is a manufacturer of natural cosmetics. It specializes in royal nectar, met, and gliders, all produced without any chemicals. The Imkerei products are a great way to pamper your skin without worrying about harmful chemicals. You will be surprised at the high-quality products!

The Tiroler Alpenhonig Aus der Silberregion Karwendel trademark is used in cosmetic hand and foot creams, body lotions, and cosmetics. The ingredient can also be found in spirits, liqueurs, and fortified wines. The company has filed a trademark application in the European Union for its Tiroler Alpenhonig.

Imkerei Tiroler Honig is a family-run business, and is located at 1.100m Seehohe. Their products are made with natural ingredients and have antibacterial properties. They are also a good source of natural vitamin C. A typical meal with Tiroler Alpenhonig will be a delicious combination of fresh, local produce, and good-quality honey.

Breitsamer’s Alpenhonig

Breitsamer’s Alpenhon is one of the best-known German honig brands. This family-owned and operated business has been producing honig since 1935. The third generation of the Breitsamer family is now involved in the production process. Its honig products are produced according to the German Honigverordnung, ensuring maximum quality and furcare. Alpenhonig Wald from Breitsamer is rich in nutrients and has a delicious, distinctive taste.

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