Kundali Matching for Wedding

With the help of Vedic astrology and technology development, people can do online Kundali matching. This can help people to do online Kundali matching without leaving their house. Kundali matching is the most important and first step in deciding on the wedding of a potential bride and groom.

Because the online Kundali matching can reveal the future of the potential couple in their wedding life. This will help them and their families to take better decisions about their future. Because the kundali matching is done by the name or horoscope of the potential couple. The astrologers will match the alignment of the stars in the horoscope. This will help astrologers to predict the future of couples in their wedding life. 

What is Kundali Matching?

It is an important tradition in Indian weddings, mostly followed by the Hindus. Online Kundali matching involves the matching of the horoscopes of the potential couple. The online Kundali matching platforms will check the alignment of stars. Because based on the alignment of stars, it is possible to predict someone’s future. 

For instance, if the stars are in proper alignment, then the couple will lead a happy and healthy wedding life. Usually, astrology has eight koota to decide the compatibility of a couple. The matching of these eight kootas is the ashtakoota matching. These eight kootas sum up to a total of 36 gunas or points. 

The ashtakoota name is the blending of two words namely, ashta and koota. The word ashta means ‘eight’, meanwhile, the word ‘koota’ means part or division. The eight kootas represent the eight important aspects of wedding life. A couple should get maximum points to lead a healthy and happy wedding life. 

A potential couple with more than 18 gunas or points can get into the wedding life. Any couple with fewer gunas should reconsider the decision of their wedding. They can also consult an astrologer to plan some pujas for the dosha in their horoscope. Following are the eight kootas in the online Kundali matching.

  • Varna
  • Vashya
  • Tara
  • Yoni
  • Gruha Maitri
  • Gana
  • Bhakoot
  • Nadi 

Importance of checking online Kundali matching for wedding

Financial & Professional prospects

When you are marrying someone, it is important to know about the financial and career-related things after the wedding. Because you never know how your career or finance will be once you marry someone without checking the online Kundali matching. So it is important to check the online Kundali matching by name or by horoscope. It will help you understand the future of you and your wedding partner clearly. You can also understand the improvement or downfall of your career and finance by doing the online Kundali matching.

Checking Compatibility

Compatibility between the couples is important to lead a happy and successful wedding life. Online Kundali matching by name will help you understand the compatibility between you and your partner after the wedding. Because some zodiac signs are highly compatible with certain kinds of zodiac signs. 

For instance, water and earth elemental zodiac signs will get along easily. Meanwhile, it is hard for air and fire signs to get compatible. So it is important to check the compatibility before your wedding. And you can do this by checking the online Kundali matching by name or horoscope. 

Dosha and Cure

Mostly the horoscopes of a bride and groom won’t match because of dosha in their horoscope. They can avoid this or perform any puja by checking the online Kundali matching. For instance, Nadi dosha and Gana dosha will affect your wedding life. So you can find this out before your wedding through the kundali matching. 

Once you get to know any dosha in your online Kundali matching, you can consult an astrologer for a cure. Sometimes astrologers will ask you to do a puja to nullify the dosha. 

Other Factors

Checking the online Kundali matching will help you understand every important aspect of your wedding life. Because based on this you can lead a healthy and happy life together with your partner. This will also help you understand the following aspects of your wedding life. 

  • Finance
  • Spiritual compatibility
  • Mental compatibility
  • Offsprings
  • The health of the couples
  • Mutual understanding
  • Intimacy 

You can do the online Kudali matching through the online platforms available for free. Every platform will give the best results based on the principles of our Vedic astrology. Because selecting the right platform is important since the results will decide your wedding. Select the platforms where there is an option to chat with astrology experts if you want. 

Because those platforms are reliable and you can also check with real people. Even some platforms allow you to do video calls with those astrology experts. To help you we have listed some reliable and best platforms for online Kundali matching. 

  • Betterhalf
  • Astrotalk
  • Astrotogi
  • Astrosage
  • Click Astro
  • Jotiz
  • Astro-Vision
  • Maiterya

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