Google My Business reviews are a very powerful tool that all businesses have at their fingertips to support themselves and boost their local web positioning. More if they are small businesses that operate and offer services on a local scale.

Boosting SEO and working on it is essential to improve sales and expand your client portfolio.

That is why there are many companies looking for the fastest way to increase Google Maps ratings and increase the number of stars that their business has.

Think that buy Google reviews are a rear window for your potential customers, a first impression and you as a company will always try to make it the best.

Buy Google Reviews?

Having regular reviews on your Google My Business profile makes your business grow and even more so if they are positive. Buying reviews will increase your business volume and can even lead to customer loyalty. With the rise of the internet, every buyer does a preliminary investigation about what they are going to buy or the service they are going to acquire; reading the reviews of previous clients is one of them.

Shortening the path always seems like a good solution to us, what’s wrong with spending a few euros if we get benefits in several aspects?

There are hundreds of sites that offer reviews of fictitious clients that will help your business, not to mention the countless people who call themselves freelancers and are also part of this practice.

If at any time you had thought that buying Google reviews was a good option and even the best… Stay, pay attention. I’m going to tell you why it’s a bad idea and could even hurt your business.


Reasons not to buy Google Reviews

I could make a list that doesn’t exhaust all the reasons why buying reviews is a bad idea and what would hurt your business, but I’m going to highlight a few. The ones that seem most important to me and where you will clearly see why buying Google my business reviews is only negative.

  • False customer expectations: many customers will go to your store or hire your service because of what they read. The expectation and the user experience will be very distant and that gap will generate a poor perception of the service for the client. It can even cause a rebound effect, where the client leaves a bad evaluation on your profile for not finding what was expected.
  • Lack of real feedback: opinions always help to improve. There are certain aspects that as entrepreneurs you do not realize are failing or that can be changed, this is where the client acquires an important role. If those real ratings are non-existent, how am I going to get real feedback to help me improve?
  • Google penalty: when Google perceives an assessment on Google maps as false, it directly deletes it. This way you will waste time and money. In addition, this penalty will be reflected in your search position.

Your reputation and image will be damaged: all of the above damages the reputation of the company, and on many occasions these bad practices can cause irreversible problems for certain businesses.


So that…. think well before.

You do not want to end up spending your money buying reviews on strange sites, so that they end up commenting on “Fake” accounts or accounts with very strange names and that you end up wanting to delete.

By the way, you may be interested in this post on how to remove Google reviews.

Alternatives to Buying Google Reviews

Once we are blind to the purchase and its supposed “advantages” we do not see beyond. We leave endless possibilities halfway to increase that number of reviews without the need to falsify them.

What prevails is the veracity of the opinions, and the reflection that our business can be seen in them. If your problem is that you don’t want to have negative reviews, let me tell you that there will be. You will only have to know how to manage them, how to answer them before trying to make the reviews disappear or delete.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews; you can leave it on the purchase receipt, in the email they receive… There are countless methods.

Accepting criticism will help improve business.

Ask them to write the good reviews they give you, sometimes they reach your ears but they are not reflected.

Contract services such as, so that those evaluations of real clients do not escape.

These are just a few of them, if you want to know how to get more reviews on Google through good practices; you just have to read this blog post.


Something that seemed quick, simple and effective has turned out to cause more problems than you thought. Easy is not always what is best for your company, in the case of Google reviews we have seen that it is not. I hope you have paid attention and can implement your strategy thanks to my tips on Google reviews.

If this is not enough for you and you want to boost your Local SEO even more, at Webuyreviews we have a team that will be willing to advise you in the best possible way.

Do you already know how to see your reviews on Google?

Here I leave you this Google My Business guide so you can take a look at it. Please if I miss something I ask you to write it to me in the comments so I can expand the content and continue improving it. All the best😃

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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