Nurturing a child is important Humble Beginning

but it’s no easy task, especially when it comes to lifelong learning. Humble Beginning The children’s house, the leading Montessori preschool in Klang Valley with its humble beginnings, is committed to transform the process of children’s education that will shape their attitudes when they transition into adults to contribute to society and make a huge difference. For more than 30 years, The children’s house has expanded exponentially, with more than 10 schools throughout Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. With the Montessori method, The children’s house is set to go even further as Malaysia’s leading Montessori preschool.

How did the preschool prevail for more than 3 decades?

A Life-Changing Choice

Walking on the path that Dr Montessori graciously paved for aspiring educators in early childhood, Nan knew that this was her true calling. She adopted a baby soon after, and as a wife, a mother, and educator moved forward with steely courage to set up the very first complete Montessori preschool in Malaysia, called The children’s house.

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The Montessori Method

To be the longest-established Montessori preschool in Malaysia, The children’s house needed to have a curriculum that could be applicable for each unique child. The Montessori Method has a huge role in fueling The children’s house evergreen popularity among parents. One of the main elements that makes the method stand out is its focus on nurturing a child to be gracious, courteous, kind, and compassionate yet intellectually inclined at a young age.

The unique teaching approach created by Dr Montessori is still effective to this day, and The children’s house has been using them ever since the establishment of its first school in Batai.

Children imitate physical tasks in Practical Life, using tools like trays, jugs, bowls, spoons, tongs and dressing frames to develop their concentration, movement coordination, sense of order, and independence.

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Dedicated Teachers

Children and teachers share a unique bond at The children’s house, with each child fondly calling each teacher as ‘Aunty’.

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Each teacher, or Aunty, possesses the traits of an ideal educator for early years education. The Aunties always navigate children towards the path of gaining independence. The Aunties are aware that they are the children’s role models in

preschool and set the best example for them through their acts of kindness, mannerism and compassion.

Aunties at The children’s house are qualified with a Diploma in Montessori or Early Childhood Education and have received

training in the Montessori method. Some of them even have more than 10 years of experience teaching in

“…my daughter wakes up every day and can’t wait to go to school. She loves her aunties, her friends and the great environment she can explore.”  -Parent

Supportive Parents

Dr Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori Method, believes that parents, educators and caregivers all play a huge role in stimulating healthy brain growth for children. Having lasted for more than 3 decades is indeed an impressive achievement for a preschool,

and for The children’s house, this milestone is also due to the parents’

endless support and faith in the school’s core values.

Some of the parents are even alumni of The children’s house.  His fond memories at The children’s house have stayed with him until this day.

“I loved the red school bag and carried it everywhere! Now I cannot describe the bliss of being a father.”

Celebrating Life With Children

“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”  –Maria Montessori

At The children’s house, children come together as one as they work together,

play together, learn together and explore their little worlds together.

It is the job of teachers and support from parents that unite The children’s house community together as one. From a humble preschool that expanded to more than 10 branches, The children’s house has come a long way, producing individuals who are set to bring great contributions to society through high-quality early years education—and the school will continue growing as Malaysia’s leading Montessori preschool while celebrating life with children.


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