choose clothes that suit your personality

We all have stumbled upon this question. Should I wear something trendy or should I wear something that suits my personality? I agree that fashion trends can push you into buying clothes that make your body shape stand out. But is wearing something that suits your body the answer? What if your dress is too bold for your personality? You don’t want that additional attention, do you?

Therefore, choosing your dressing style is important. Your style isn’t only helpful in making you feel comfortable but also more confident and self-assured. Back in college when I lost a couple of pounds, I decided to adopt a bolder look by ordering some Pakistani mehndi dresses. However, I soon realized that the look was not me. So, I switched back to my usual dressing style.

Dressing up according to your personality is the ultimate key to staying happy and confident. But how do you decide what kind of clothes can make that possible? Here is a guide to determine your personality type.


Are you the kind of person who loves abstract art and theatre? Who loves to hang out with people from different backgrounds? Who loves remixes and different cuisines? Then you are the inventive type. You love to experiment and be a little creative with the special things in your life.

Then go a little crazy with the outfits as well. Wear funky-colored tights with a blue shirt dress and pair it up with leather boots to make everyone around you aware of your inventive nature. Don’t be afraid that you might look inappropriate. Remember that your style defines you and makes you look your best.


Do you enjoy classic movies and music more than you enjoy contemporary movies and music? Do you find happiness in simple things like a family dinner or using antique furniture? Then you’re the classic type. You tend to enjoy things that are simple and uncomplicated and get overwhelmed by the stuff that is pompous and abstruse.

So opt for more somber colors and tailored pieces of clothing. This combination will certainly express you and your taste elegantly. You can also choose to wear chic pieces of jewelry to be a little creative with your look in case you get bored with your wardrobe.


Do you like to make heads turn in your direction every time you enter a room? Do you like to be social and throw slightly over-the-top parties? Do you enjoy loud music and get excited by fancy décor and food? They are the bold type. Go a little bold and courageous with your outfit choices as well. Don’t be afraid to wear jewel tones and funky shades. Choose clothing styles that flatter your body. Show a little skin occasionally. The bolder, the better!


Do you prefer to feel comfortable at all costs? Are you the kind of person who enjoys attending events that are more relaxed and less formal? Do you enjoy using natural products and eating healthy? Then you are the natural/ laid-back type.

Choose outfits that make you feel super cozy and comfortable. Choose floral prints and soft and airy fabrics. Such outfits will not only look good on you but would make you look warm and reachable. So, embrace your natural self and rock that casual look.


Do you hate following the rules? Are you the kind of person who loves taking risks and thinking out of the box? Do you strive to explore new combinations of food and music and feel strongly about changing social conditions? Then you are the rebellious type.

Wear clothes that make you stand out. That lets you make a statement without speaking. Wear an a-line skirt with a crop top with a bold statement and a ponytail to turn heads.


Do you like your home to be perfect and modern at all times? Do you like fine dining, traveling lavishly, and buying expensive pieces of clothing? Do you enjoy looking at fashion magazines? Then you are the Voguish type.

Long coats and elegant sweaters and leather handbags with eccentric sunglasses would give you a chic appearance. Don’t be shy of keeping a stack of woolen scarves and high heels in your wardrobe. So, be bold and get that expensive handbag to feel your best!


So, ladies, this guide may have given you enough ideas to revamp your wardrobe according to your personality. But this doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t get creative. Whether you want to go for more eastern clothing like a black kurta or a more western one, remember, the shade and style make your personality shine through.

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