How To Wear Boxing Pads And Gloves Properly?

Boxing pads and gloves are two of the most important pieces of equipment to have when training. Whether you’re training to compete in amateur or professional boxing, or if you’re just trying to lose weight and get fit, boxing pads and gloves will help you get there faster than doing bodyweight exercises alone. Still, boxing equipment can be difficult at first, so here’s how to do it properly!

Safety Comes First

Boxing is a rough sport, so wearing the right boxing pads and gloves is important. Use the following guidelines when wearing your boxing equipment:

1) Protect your chin at all times by putting your headgear on first, then your mouth guard. Make sure they are both snug against your head.

2) Your glove should fit tightly around the knuckles but not too tight on the fingers so you have a good range of motion.

3) Put the wrist strap over your hand before you put it in the glove.

4) Once you have put your fist in, hold onto the back of the glove with one hand and pull up on it with the other hand until it’s snug around your wrist. 5) Always make sure that any padding underneath has no tears or frays because this can lead to injury if it catches an opponent’s hook or punch.

First Fit Yourself With The Gloves

If you plan on punching the bag with your fist, it is important that the gloves fit securely but not too tightly. The tightness prevents movement, so it is important to have a loose enough grip that you can move comfortably.

If the opening of the glove cuff is too large, punch repeatedly into an elastic object such as a pillow until a snug fit can be achieved. The cuff should overlap and hug your wrist when worn correctly. Punching the pad will help form the cuffs and mold them to your hand shape more accurately.

When you put on your gloves, make sure they are tight enough around your wrists to prevent them from slipping down during training but not too tight where they constrict blood flow or circulation in any way. To achieve this balance, tie one side of the velcro strap in a knot close to the cuff before tightening it down with some slack left over.

Put On Pads In Place

Wearing your boxing pads and gloves correctly can have a tremendous impact on your performance. For example, the proper way to wear your headgear can ensure that you don’t get injured and let you train harder. The following are some basic guidelines on how to put on and wear the different types of padding correctly:

  1. Take your Boxing Pads and bring them to the top of your shin bone, where it meets the bottom of your knee cap. Put one on each leg.
  2. Next, you’ll want to put on the Straps that are at the back of the Pad in order to attach it and pull it up snugly against your shinbone
  3. Bring each Strap around, pulling up tight against the back of the pad with Velcro or a knot as needed.


Follow these guidelines to wear boxing pads and gloves correctly. If you want to buy quality boxing gear, come to Sports Maxx – manufacturer of the best boxing gear, this company has the best products on the market.

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