How to smoke a cigar

Smoking a cigar the right way has a certain appeal to it. There are many reasons to smoke a cigar, even if you don’t smoke recreationally. You may light one up to celebrate buying a new home or winning a big contract. When it comes down to doing the deed, how would you go about it? That is why we have curated this piece specifically for you, we want you to smoke a cigar like Don on your first try. In this article, we will teach you how to smoke a cigar.

What you need to know.

Before you learn about smoking, you need to learn a thing or two about cigars (check out our blogs on how to choose a cigar and the basic accessories you need). There are a ton of brands like Partagas, Brickhouse, Arturo Fuente, La Gloria Cubana, and My Fathers cigars for sale online. Knowing the right one to choose will affect your smoking experience. We recommend opting for a mild-strength cigar.

A good cigar to start with is Brickhouse. All Brickhouse cigars are made in Nicaragua and have been expertly blended to give incredible taste and flavor.

Brickhouse cigar prices are friendly and give you a premium smoking experience without breaking the bank.

After choosing your prime piece, you should inspect the body for cuts and imperfections such as lumps, discoloration, etc.

If you don’t own a humidor, you should only buy a few at a time because they can dry out pretty fast if not stored properly. You can use covered Tupperware to keep your sticks.

Cut your cigar

Ideally, you should use a guillotine cutter for your cigar. Place the cap about 1/16 – 1/8 ‘’ into the cutter and cut it in one precise motion. If you don’t have a guillotine cutter, you can use a sharp knife or blade. Don’t use your teeth or a dull knife to cut it- You want a clean cut because it upholds the structural integrity of the cigar.

Light it up

The next thing to do is light your cigar. You should use a cigar lighter or long wood matches because these do not impact any odor on the cigar, unlike paper matches or regular lighters.

Warm the foot of the cigar stick near the flame (without touching it) while rotating it to ensure uniform heat distribution.

The penultimate step to smoking and enjoying your cigar is to light it up. Remember not to bring it in direct contact with the flame. After it is lit, you can gently blow on the end to circulate the heat to all parts of the foot.

Smoke your cigar

Smoke a cigar is a different experience from smoking a cigarette. You shouldn’t inhale the smoke into your lungs but rather let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds to savor the taste and flavor.

Hold your cigar to your mouth and draw in the smoke. Savor the smoke for a second or two and blow out. Rotate and puff your cigar every 20-30 seconds to a minute to ensure a consistent smoking experience (you can choose any duration between drags, it is not a hard-fast rule).

Note that a good cigar can burn anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on its size and how tightly packed it is. After a while, you should remove the band (it keeps the cigar from tearing). You can remove it after 10 -12 puffs.

After smoking, what next?

When you have had enough to smoke, you should put it out on an ashtray. Blow out the air in the cigar to prevent it from going stale. Your cigar will stop burning after about five minutes if you stop smoking it. You must dispose of your cigar properly to eliminate any risk of fire. If you don’t have an ashtray, make sure you pour water on it before throwing it out.

Can you relight a cigar?

The problem with relighting a cigar is its taste afterward. If you leave it out for too long, about an hour, it gives a stale or off taste, and you won’t enjoy the smoking experience. Many aficionados discard their cigars if they have had them longer than 30 minutes to an hour.

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