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The CPU on your desktop is the most important component of your system. So, to run the CPU properly, you need to ensure it doesn’t get too hot. It is where the CPU cooler comes into the picture. Two types of coolers are available in the market, one is a CPU Air cooler, and another one is a CPU liquid cooler. But before selecting anything, you should take some factors into your consideration.

How Does a Cooler Mainly Work?

The job of a CPU cooler is to transfer the heat from the CPU to another area where it can be cooled down. CPU cooler fans of both Air cooler and liquid cooler have the same process of cooling down the CPU in your system. The main part of any CPU cooler is the cold plate or heatsink.

This heatsink has fins on it. It will help your PC increase the surface area and give more cooling power to your CPU. There is also a thermal plate, which is very much needed to keep everything flowing smoothly. Furthermore, this will help the thermal connectivity transfer heat more easily into the heatsink.

Things to Consider Before Choosing CPU Cooler

The first and foremost factor you should consider is whether you are running an AMD processor or an Intel. It is crucial because each chipset needs a specific kind of cooler. So, it is necessary to check all the specifications on the motherboard for compatibility before selecting one. First, however, let’s see other factors below.

1) Cooling Performance

CPU coolers are specifically made to dissipate the heat generated by the CPU. It would help if you transferred the heat to somewhere else by naturally or a forced airflow. The air coolers are mainly less expensive and very easy to install. But it does not have a higher dissipation effect. On the other hand, the CPU liquid cooler is costly and requires maintenance. But, the performance of the water cooler is way better than the air cooler.

2) Budget

Budget is a very important factor when it comes to buying something. However, the more you spend money on a CPU cooler, the more you benefit. So, if you have a tight budget, you should think about what size of the best CPU cooler fan will suit best with the hardware, computer case, and your budget. 

3) Liquid Cooling or Air Cooler

An air cooler will be the best option if you do not want to overclock your GPU or CPU. The best part of air cooling is that it is affordable and performs well. The CPU cooler fan of the liquid cooler gives a good performance but is very costly and needs maintenance.

4) Noise Level

The air cooler offers less noise than the CPU liquid cooler. The water cooler provides various noises based on the components you chose. 


The air cooler will be best if you are looking for cooling and good performance. But if you plan to overclock your CPU, then go for the best CPU liquid cooler. On the other hand, if you want less noise, then the air cooler is the best option. So, it mainly depends on your requirements when buying a CPU cooler for your PC. 

By Russell Crowe

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