Virginia is one of the many states in the US that have legalized the use of medical marijuana to manage specific health conditions. The process of medical marijuana card renewal in Virginia has been made pretty easy because the Virginia Board of Medicine has approved licensed health providers to recommend medical marijuana for conditions they think can be treated with the plant. Getting a medical marijuana card gives you the freedom to shop at any licensed dispensaries in the area to purchase different marijuana products to fit your preference and treatment goal. 

What is a Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

 A medical marijuana card is an identification card issued by the state of Virginia to enable a patient to obtain medical marijuana products or cultivate cannabis for medicinal use, with written recommendations from a licensed doctor or nurse. To obtain the card, you’ll be required to pay a fee to the state to get your medical marijuana card or for medical cannabis consultations to get approval for the method of treatment. 

Why You Need to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card

In many states, a medical marijuana card is only valid for one year; this is mostly for medical reasons. The MMJ program requires renewal of your medical marijuana card to ensure that patients use the plant responsibly and in line with the dosage required for the medical condition, rather than abusing it. Patients whose conditions have improved over the course of a year may or may not renew the card. This process is basically to decide if medical marijuana treatment is still necessary. 

How to Renew a Medical Cannabis Card Online

Some states do not allow MMJ patients to renew their cards online, while some put this out as the only renewal option available. Renewing your card online is the easiest and quickest way means of renewal. This process is, however, easier in some states than the others. In some states, all you have to do is search for the website of the MMJ program, log in to your profile and click your name. You’ll be required to fill in the following 

  • Your provider certification
  • Choose your cultivation information
  • Ad your registration ID number
  • Pay the processing fee.

In many states, it is advisable to register 30 days before your card’s expiry date, three business days before expiration in states like Colorado. After you’ve been approved, you can get your card through your online account. 

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